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White Hat Holsters Max Tuck and Micro Clip Review

hybrid holster

White Hat Holsters make a solid choice for anyone who likes hybrid holsters.

Chances are if you're reading this, you are interested in hybrid holsters, or even these two models from White Hat Holsters (WHH). I have reviewed a lot of holsters, and there are several great designs out there. With all the products, there are bound to be some duds. There are some basic factors to consider when evaluating hybrid holsters. I'll show you the double-clip, inside the waistband (IWB) MicroTuck, and the single-clip IWB MaxClip holsters from White Hat and let you know what I liked and what I thought could be better.

What I Look at in a Hybrid Holster:

  • Backing Material: The most common material is leather, but not all leather is the same. First, check the thickness. You may want a thick, firm leather backing, or you may want a thinner, more supple leather backing. Also, the surface of the side of the leather resting against your skin makes a difference. Sometimes companies will leave the back unfinished and rough. Other times the leather is smoothed, or a backing material is added, which makes prolonged use more comfortable.

The back side of this MicroTuck holster is smooth and comfortable against the skin.

  • White Hat Holsters uses both cowhide and horsehide leather in various holster models. The MicroTuck and MaxClip that I tested use a single piece of steer leather for the backing. The back side (the side that is against the skin) is the inside of the leather, however, it is smooth. I would estimate the thickness of the leather at around 9oz, which is supple but thick enough to hold its shape.
  • IWB/OWB Versatility: Most of the time, hybrid holsters are worn IWB. Some companies cut a couple of belt slots in the backing, allowing the holster to serve as an OWB holster as well. If you want the versatility of having one holster that can be worn IWB and OWB, you won't have that option with the Micro Tuck, as it is a solid piece of leather.
  • Kydex Shell Versatility: For those who want to be able to carry different types of guns without having to buy a different holster for each gun, WHH uses an interchangeable kydex shell system. The kydex shell which is specific to the model of gun can easily be changed out to another shell of a different model gun.
  • Adjustability: It is very important that the holster can be adjusted for cant and ride height. The MicroTuck holster allows ample adjustability which often times makes or breaks the comfort of a holster. I would like to see some cant adjustability with the clip on the MaxClip.

This MaxClip holster is a single-clip holster that is most appropriately worn in the small of the back (SOB).

Other Considerations:

There are some factors I look for in a holster I am willing to recommend. The area around the trigger guard must be protected. After all, this is one of the most important duties of a holster. I found the area around the trigger on the MicroTuck exposed the top of the trigger guard. Not much of it, and not something I would call a safety issue, but this is one thing I noticed. I found the MaxClip covered the trigger guard exceptionally.

On the MicroTuck, the area around the trigger guard is cut just a bit lower than what would be ideal. The MaxClip does not have this issue.

Shooter's grip cut is important to me. What I mean is being able to get a high, firm grip on my gun before I even draw it. Some holsters are made in such a way that doesn't allow this. Both of these White Hat Holsters allowed me to get a good shooter's grip.

Keeping the holster attached to the belt ensures the gun will be in the exact location you want when you need to draw. The clips on the MicroTuck are really durable and strong. Like all single clip designs, the MaxClip's weakness is that it can rock forward and backward which is not ideal.

Customization is important to many people. WHH allows the buyer to select from a number of kydex colors and a couple colors of leather. Not only this, they can fully customize it with a personalized logo, like you see with the Concealed Carry dot Com logo.

Custom Kydex logos, colors and designs allow the buyer to personalize their holster.

Overall Impressions:

Check out the included video for a complete breakdown of these holsters. You will see that the holsters conceal very well. I also found them to be surprisingly comfortable, even though I typically don't wear hybrid holsters. The cost of the holsters is right in line with comparable products at around $50-$60 dollars. WHH provides great personalization in the Kydex as well as the cut of the backing. I only evaluated two of their models, but they offer several different holsters for different applications and different price points.

I would like to see if they could include some belt cuts to provide a little more versatility in wearing it IWB and OWB. Outside of that, I found the holsters to be a solid choice for those of you who like IWB hybrid holsters. Check out their website, here.

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  1. Dave March 10, 2018 at 12:25 pm #

    The wife and I both own the micro, and Max Tucks. We absolutely Love them, esp. the Max Tucks.

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