Tyrant Designs S&W Shield Magazine Extension [VIDEO REVIEW]

This +2/+1 magazine extension from Tyrant Designs stands out in a few key ways.

The M&P Shield is unquestionably a popular gun for everyday carry (EDC). But the concealability of these single-stack, sub-compact guns, has created a dilemma: reduced capacity. Magazine extensions that increase capacity, even if just one round, are being used by more and more everyday carriers.

But there is a bit more than just increased capacity that draws people to use them. Those of you with large hands know how difficult it is to get a firm grip on guns with small grips. Magazine extensions extend the length of the grip, providing more space to grab hold of. And, their larger size doesn't just help with gripping the gun.
Having a magazine with a larger base, gives more surface to grip when performing magazine changes.

The Shield does not suffer from a problem with magazines dropping free, but there are certain guns that have this issue. Adding a little bit of weight to the base of the magazine with a magazine extension can help them drop free. And yeah, they look pretty cool, too.

Along with producing billet aluminum parts for AR-15s, Tyrant Designs makes a magazine extension for the S&W Shield. It is an extension that will increase the capacity of your 7 round 9mm magazine by two, and your 6 round .40 magazine by one. The extensions are machined from aerospace grade aluminum and look great.

They are sold in Red, Blue, Black, Gray and a Silver, billet finish. There are other companies that make extensions from aluminum, but Tyrant Design's extensions have some unique qualities that set them apart from other extensions I have used and tested.

The angle on the backside of this extension allows it to conceal better than other products.

Magazine extensions can be a pain in the butt to install. If you have used one, you can back me up here. Often times there are tiny set screws that need to be tightened with little Allen wrenches. These things can easily get lost. But this product can literally be installed in 10 seconds by anyone. With the exception of a punch used to remove the existing base plate from the magazine, no tools are needed. The extension has a built-in detent that locks it into place. In the video, you will see just how easy this is.

Concern for printing, or the outline of your gun showing under your shirt, is a concern for a lot of concealed carriers. The dimension of the gun that is the most challenging to conceal is not the barrel, but the grip length. So naturally, by extending the length of the grip with a magazine extension makes it harder to hide. Tyrant Designs is the only company that I am aware of that currently produces an extension with an angled backside.

This angle is not something someone may notice, but it eliminates a hard edge at the base of the magazine. Hard angles will print more than a softer rounded edge. The fact that these guys realized this small detail shows they really understand the practical application of their product.

Not only are these magazine extensions nice to look at, but they are functional and reliable.

Any aftermarket device you use on your EDC must function. If it has the potential to cause malfunctions, it doesn't belong on your EDC. I ran roughly 100 rounds of Armscor FMJ and HP ammo with the extension installed and it didn't cause any feeding issues. One thing that can cause feeding issues in a magazine is a weak or short spring. It is important to mention that even though the extension lengthens the tube, the factory magazine spring is long enough and provides enough force to work with the extension. So don't worry about having to purchase a longer magazine spring, you don't need one. Here is my video:

Overall, I really love this extension. Its appearance is slick, installation couldn't be easier, and the rounded backside is a plus for concealment. The only downside I found with the Tyrant Tactical magazine extension is that it's only for the S&W Shield. I carry a Glock for my EDC and I want an extension like this! Here is hoping the guys at Tyrant Designs engineer one of these sweet extensions for us carriers that don't carry the Shield.

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  1. Larry T Witherspoon on August 6, 2020 at 9:40 am

    Hey how can I get two of them magazine extension I do have a 40 S&W M&P

    • Jacob Paulsen on September 18, 2020 at 8:54 am

      I would go to Tyrant Designs’s website.

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