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Brand New: Sig Sauer Releases P210 Carry

Fans of the bed Sig Sauer P210 pistol can blame COVID for Sig’s ay of a new mo. However, it’s finally here and is actually available for purchase. The new mo is the P210 Carry. Director of Product Management Phil Strader calls the P210 Carry the “gentleman’s carry gun.” Here’s the scoop on the new […]

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R7 Mako 9mm

Kimber Releases Exciting, New R7 Mako 9mm Handgun For Everyday Carry

Yesterday Kimber announced the release of a new semi-auto handgun called the R7 Mako. Kimber produced the gun for self-defense, everyday carriers who want a high-capacity 9mm, with a micro-compact size. Since the release of the Sig Sauer P365, several other companies have released guns to satisfy this ever-growing consumer market.   Kimber R7 Mako: […]

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sig sauer p365xl

Consider a Larger Gun for Concealed Carry

The size of a concealed carry gun should be as small as possible, right? Over the past several years, my opinion on this topic has changed quite a bit. My First Concealed Carry Gun: Around 14 years ago, the police department issued me a .40 Glock 22. At the time, there weren’t hundreds of holster […]

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