Taurus Releases New TS9 Full-Size 9mm Handgun

In its press release for the new TS9 handgun, Taurus says the newest 9mm offering is set to “revolutionize the industry”. Let’s lo and see if the firearm’s features live up to Taurus’ bold claim. I haven’t shot a TS9, so this isn’t a review. I’m just passing on the information about the gun from…

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Brand New: Sig Sauer Releases P210 Carry


Fans of the bed Sig Sauer P210 pistol can blame COVID for Sig’s ay of a new mo. However, it’s finally here and is actually available for purchase. The new mo is the P210 Carry. Director of Product Management Phil Strader calls the P210 Carry the “gentleman’s carry gun.” Here’s the scoop on the new…

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The 4 Best Glock Handguns For Concealed Carry

Choosing a handgun for concealed carry can be difficult. However, if you have narrowed it down to Glock but are not quite sure which mo to select, I have some help. I’ve listed 4 Glock mos as the perfect choices for a concealed carry everyday carry (EDC) gun. The Best Concealed Carry Handgun? Why Glock?…

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