VIDEO: Fort Wayne’s Road Rage – Legal Fate Unveiled for Man Charged with Felony Recklessness in Shooting Incident

Henkle shooting arrest

Greetings, readers, as we ve into a recent incident unfolding on the streets of Fort Wayne, where police charged a 42-year-old man with a felony charge of criminal recklessness involving a deadly weapon. The legal proceedings surrounding this case have taken a unique turn, with the individual’s fate recently unveiled by the court. The Road…

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How Important is Firearm Training?

There is so much talk of “being ready” while at the same time, we see videos of relatively untrained people perform under stress and stop real life threats. So how important is firearm training, and is it really necessary to win a gunfight? Training and Surviving — I phrased the question in such a way…

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Free Holster Selection Education Videos

One thing every concealed carrier can relate with is how difficult it is to find a holster that conceals the firearm well and is also comfortable enough to wear every day. We’ve published a lot of content on the topic over the years. But it seems no matter how often we talk about it, there…

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Must See – Gun Disarm Surveillance Video Reveals so Much

gun disarm, photo taken from video clip

This 48-second video clip teaches so many vital lessons about the reality of violence. The lessons are universal and apply to everyone, whether they carry a gun or not. So please consider sharing this post with others. I came across this video clip that shows a supposed off-duty New York Police Officer inside a gas…

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2 Concealed Carry Seat Belt Hacks

Context matters and the vehicle is one place where the environment does change some of the best practices and tactics deployed by concealed carriers for daily comfort and preparedness and how one might respond to an actual threat while in the car. One of these considerations is what to do with your seat belt. In…

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