SHOT Show 2019 Wrapup

kel tec cp33

Kel-Tec's new CP33, which is a quad stack 33 round .22 handgun.

SHOT Show 2019 is behind us, and what a crazy time it was. I've got a few of these shows under my belt now, but can say that this was the most stressful one by far.

As you read from our company President, Jacob Paulsen, our website was attacked hard receiving over 5 million hits every hour, totally causing it to crash just about the whole time we were out there.

I couldn't even get on to write my articles.

Our website has been running at full speed for a few days now, and SHOT is over so I thought it'd be a good idea to at least give a wrap up of sorts to show off some of the products I thought were a great addition to the gun industry as a whole.

I also wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at some of what we did to bring you this content. For example, here is Mitch taking a video of Jacob shooting a gun for one of our social media channels:

Stoeger's new STR-9 Pistol:

One thing I love to do is snap pictures of people while they're unaware. Creepy? Maybe, but when you consider that Matthew is standing up and the guy who owns the hand he's shaking is sitting down, hopefully that makes it a little less creepy for you. 

Here is Jacob and Riley knee deep in conversation with Shane Coley over at Team Glock discussing much Glockiness (actually, that link goes to a podcast episode). 

I was apparently bored waiting for them to get started with the interview and decided to play around with my new camera lens:

I was apparently trigger happy. Maybe it was the shiny yellow stuff that caught my eye? Either way, here is some of SIG's ammo:

More of SIG's ammo:

One of the best releases of the year came out of Stag Arms. While pistol caliber carbines (PCC) are nothing new, they've developed a 10mm version which is something people have been asking for without much in the way of reliability. If Stag's 10mm PCC is reliable they've got a winner on their hands. 

Glock's 43X. Not much to say about it. It's a Glock:

I was having some issues with my camera at this point, hence the blurriness. I thought it was awesome that Mossberg brought along one of their little Brownie pistols from 1919. 

Here is the actual Brownie Pistol that Mossberg had on display. Stay tuned for a review of their new MC1sc pistol, because they've shipped me one and I just picked it up yesterday. 

Here is a gun that most people forgot was released this year, because it was released so far ahead of SHOT Show. I actually had the chance to shoot one of these, and was pretty impressed, even if it is a bit on the expensive side. 

Mission First Tactical, who we have a great relationship with, always releases new products. We sell their holsters in our online store, make sure you check them out. 

Here are their new minimalist holsters, we don't stock these ones. Yet. 

Here is Mitch getting some full-auto fun at the Stag Arms table at Media Day At The Range. 

And their new 10mm pistol caliber carbine (PCC) (yes, again).

Springfield Armory was out with their new 911 in 9mm, the next logical step from their .380ACP version. 

Here's the little 911 in 9mm:

Some more from the Kel-Tec booth at the range. That KS7 shotgun was a huge hit. 

Here is Not Your Average Gun Girl Podcast host Emily getting ready to put some rounds downrange. 

This was a bit strange from the SHOT Show floor at the Franklin Armory booth. This thing is like a double action only rifle. You pull back the trigger, which pulls back the bolt. Apparently when the bolt releases it picks up a round and fires it at the same time. When you pull the trigger back again it extracts the spent cartridge and fires another. 

Franklin Armory PCC from on Vimeo.

Here are some guns from SIG's range day. 

Some nice rifles:

I like to show the behind the scenes of our crew working. Half the time I don't think they know I'm taking pictures of them, which is how I like it. Here's our main camera dude, Corey, working some serious video magic. 

At the end of SIG's VIP Range Day, they treat us to some very odd looking food and cocktails. This is the area where some of that stuff was taking place. 

Here I am putting some rounds on target. I think Riley took this picture. 

Here is our special contributor, Annette Evans shooting. This lady can shoot like nobody's business. 

Here are a pair of everyone's favorite guns, the P365. 

Here's an action shot of Riley shooting:

The new Colt King Cobra in all its glory. What a great shooter:

That's it for this year's SHOT Show 2019 wrap up. We'll still be posting some articles and videos of our outstanding (as in late) coverage. It was a rough year for us because our website was attacked so hard. We still have no clue who is responsible for the attack, but we have just about fully recovered. 

What was your favorite thing introduced at SHOT Show 2019? Let us know in the comments below. 

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