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Shot Show 2019: Mossberg Re-Enters the Pistol Game After 100 Years

MC1sc Photo: Mossberg

Jacob Paulsen is at Shot Show 2019 to talk with Wes from Mossberg about the first pistol the company has released since it’s very first production pistol in 1919 which was popular with trappers during that time period.

Since the first .22 caliber derringer pistol, Mossberg had built weapons well known to military, police, hunters and citizen defenders.

Looking to get into the pistol game, Mossberg has released their first striker fired, 9mm handgun, the MC1sc.

The MC1sc was released just in time for the 100 years anniversary of the Mossberg company, but has been in development for the last 3-4 years.

Wes said the designers of the MC1sc tried to think of everything to produce a quality self-defense handgun.

The MC1sc is available in 5 different versions to fit the needs and desires of most concealed handgun carriers.

These different versions allow the customer to purchase the pistol that is right for them with options such as a cross bolt safety, night sights, and Crimson Trace Laser.

Jacob had a chance to shoot the MC1sc at the media range day and said the grip felt very good in the hand with a low bore axis and trigger guard undercut for a full purchase.

The pistol ships with 2 clear polymer magazines with the traditional flush seating mag (6 round capacity) and the extended mag (7 round capacity) for ideal controllability of the sub-compact.

Mossberg has engineered a safer way for disassembly which does not require the user to pull the trigger to take the pistol apart. The Safe Take Down system allows the removal of the firing pin assembly in order to remove the slide of the MC1sc.

Mossberg’s first pistol in a hundred years is also available in the limited Centennial Edition. Due to its popularity however, this version’s 1000 units is almost gone. So, if you would like one, act fast before they are all gone.

MSRP: $425.00

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  1. Allen Thompson February 7, 2019 at 6:11 pm #

    If this first handgun in 100 years is as good as the 500 shotgun then they have a winner. The 500 is probably the best all around all purpose shotgun on the market in my opinon.

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