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On Your Six Designs Holster Review [Video]

One of the most important pieces of gear you could ever buy for concealed carry is the gun's holster, itself. Picking the wrong holster, or one that is sub-par in terms of quality, can be detrimental if you ever find yourself in a critical incident where drawing your firearm becomes necessary to saving your life.

A while back I made it my mission to review as many concealed carry holsters as possible to help point people in the right direction when they go to buy one.

I urge you to visit this page of our top 21 concealed carry holsters to find out which ones we like the most.

The fellas at On Your Six Designs produce a high quality, very affordable Kydex IWB (inside the waistband) holster. They have a wide selection of firearm models and offer a lifetime warranty. The shipping is super fast and customer service could not be any better.

One thing I really love about these holsters is that you can modify them to suit your specific style. For example, changing out the belt clip to a Kydex belt loop is very easy to do. Going a step further than that, is that there are different sized belt clips you can get allowing for a regular carry or a deeper concealed carry. The belt loops are sized for 1.5” or 2” belts so it can fit snug.

Additionally, On Your Six Designs produces 1 and 2 magazine spare mag pouches. These can be carried separately from the holster, or attached to it with some included hardware to customize how you carry even more. Speaking of the hardware, I feel it is better than what is found on your average holster in this price range.

It's not super flashy, but also not your budget rivets and screws that you sometimes see on similarly priced gear.

As far as the OWB (outside the waistband) holster is concerned, I felt that it concealed well because of the way it was curved. Some OWB Kydex holsters are curved more than others and this helps with concealment so try to keep that in mind if you decide on one of these.

The On Your 6 holsters are a quality concealed carry holster option at a decent price. And, being that they've got options for so many gun models and a lifetime warranty, you couldn't do much better.

And anytime you can buy a USA made product that supports American families is also a huge plus.

Click here to order or learn more.

I go more in depth on these holsters in the below video:

Leave your thoughts on this holster in the comments below.

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One Response to On Your Six Designs Holster Review [Video]

  1. GomeznSA May 13, 2020 at 2:37 pm #

    Love my On Your 6 gear – fortunately they are only a five minute (depending on traffic) drive away. Jim and his crew are great folks and their products are top notch. Example, I wore out the nylon pouch for my SOG Paratool. I stopped by for a replacement. He took one look at the tool and grabbed a couple of magazine pouches off the shelf. The one for the G42 was a perfect fit and needed no modifications. He has lots of plastic ‘guns’ on hand for custom fit and if you can leave your gun on site he can fit anything, usually the same day if you drop by soon enough.
    The only gear he hasn’t succeeded in making is holders for speed loaders or speed strips for us old school revolver types (he HAS tried but nothing meets his quality standards).

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