Introducing The All-New Wind River Comprehensive Trauma & First-Aid Kit

In February, our sister company, Mountain Man Medical, launched The Yellowstone which is the most affordable, quality personal trauma kit on the market to date.

However, they've seen your questions and they finally have a solution for you.

Many people have asked, why doesn't the Yellowstone come with any first-aid items? They even had one customer write a very bad product review because the Yellowstone doesn't address daily scrapes and bruises.

And frankly, it wasn't meant to. The Yellowstone is NOT a first-aid kit. And because it isn't, that kit is not meant to address any small to large medical emergency. It's a trauma kit, and as such, is designed only to deal with SERIOUS medical trauma.

But that means that for those of you who want a single, comprehensive medkit for your vehicle, or classroom, or gun range, or small business, Mountain Man Medical didn't have a kit for you … UNTIL NOW!

Introducing The Wind River!
componenets of the wind river trauma kit from mountain man medical
The Wind River Kit is designed for someone who may need to treat multiple casualties or may be further away from traditional EMS and medical services. The Wind River is ideal for:

  • Firearm Instructors
  • Gun Ranges
  • A comprehensive trauma and first aid kit to keep in a vehicle, camping gear, or bug out bag
  • Law Enforcement Patrol Officers
  • Small venues, such as small churches, retail operations, small businesses, warehouses, etc.

It includes all the good major trauma stuff (like 3 Tourniquets) but also the simple first-aid stuff (like Ibuprofen & Cold Packs).

Like all kits from Mountain Man Medical, The Wind River is covered by their bold price match guarantee. This means that if you find any comparable kit with similar name-brand proven components for a lower price, they will match it.

Here is a quick video overview:

We know that protecting you and your loved ones, takes more than just carrying a gun and knowing how to use it. It means preparedness on a number of levels with a number of tools. Medical is one such category that should NOT be ignored.

Check out The New Wind River Kit today and get one for every place you want a comprehensive Trauma & First-Aid Kit.

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