2 New Trauma Kits Specifically Designed For the Outdoors

Our partner company, Mountain Man Medical, has released two new trauma kits explicitly designed for those of us who hear the call of the outdoors. If like hiking, hunting or just being outdoors and you’re not familiar with Mountain Man Medical, here is a quick introduction to the trauma kits they offer specifically for you.…

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Introducing The All-New Wind River Comprehensive Trauma & First-Aid Kit

wind river trauma kit

In February, our sister company, Mountain Man Medical, launched The Yellowstone which is the most affordable, quality personal trauma kit on the market to date. However, they’ve seen your questions and they finally have a solution for you. Many people have asked, why doesn’t the Yellowstone come with any first-aid items? They even had one customer…

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Concealed Carry For Four Legged Creatures

Most of the time our focus is on self-defense against two legged animals, not necessarily those you may encounter in the wild. However, there is definitely an application for concealed carry while in the woods to protect yourself against bigger, furry things who want to eat you, or even just protect their young. Our good…

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