2022 Firearm Industry Black Friday Sale Guide

Some people look forward to this time of year for the Black Friday discounts that nearly every retailer will surely offer. I have to admit; I don't look forward to the plethora of emails and advertisements notifying me of this or that company's Black Friday sale. To help you out, we reached out to some of our friends in the industry to see if they will offer any Black Friday discounts.

Gun Gear Sales on Black Friday-

As you might have guessed, many companies responded, and some included the terms of their sales. I've compiled all the information here in this post to help you get the best deals on gun-industry related gear.

Before I spill the beans on discounts, I just want to mention the most important aspect of this time of year, and that is Thanksgiving. You can skip this brief section. I won't judge you.

History and Purpose of Thanksgiving —

It may surprise some to know that Thanksgiving wasn't a national holiday in the United States until 1863, when President Lincoln instituted a day of thanksgiving by proclamation. Our country's Thanksgiving holiday gets traced back to William Bradford and the Mayflower settlers who landed in what would be called Plymouth, Massachusetts. However, days of thanksgivings of prayer go back way before the Pilgrims settled in America.

Offering thankfulness toward God goes back to the beginning of man. And special days of thanks have always been for reflecting on and thanking God for His loving kindness and blessings. The Pilgrims were not just having a special meal; they were thanking God for protecting and providing for them.

This Thanksgiving, whether you gather with family, friends or are by yourself, take time to reflect on the goodness of God. If you know Jesus as your personal savior, how could we not be thankful for the gift of salvation? On the other hand, if you haven't let the Holy Spirit of God convict you of your sin, and trusted in Jesus' work on the cross for the reconciling of the severed relationship between man and God, maybe this post is God asking you to invite Him into your heart. If you do, this I know Thanksgiving will take on a meaning for you it never has before.

Gun Industry Companies Offering Black Friday Discounts —

Now I know you want to save some money this Black Friday, so on to the list.

Concealed Carry dot Com

Yeah, I'm going to start by letting you know the details of our Black Friday sale. As in years past, we will offer tiered discounts on select items and categories. It sounds complicated, but really isn't.

Any day now we will release a list of sale items. Anyone can purchase at these prices. However, if you're a Guardian Nation member, and why wouldn't you be, you will receive deeper discounts on these items. You still get your standard 10% discount on everything we sell, which comes with your membership.


5.11 Tactical

This is one of those companies that doesn't really need any introduction. 5.11 Tactical is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of tactical, and non-tactical clothing, and gear. We don't know the details of their sale, but traditionally the've been pretty good.


This simple device renders your firearm inert, which is vitally important for the safest dry fire training possible. The BarrelBlok is truly one product that every gun owner should own.

barrelblok logo

CCW Breakaways

CCW Breakaways is the company that sells an interesting product line that provides a new take on pocket carry. The pockets of the different pants and shorts snap open to provide an easy pocket draw. I'm evaluating a pair as I write this post, so I'll have a review coming shortly. Check out their website and save some cash during their Black Friday sale.

Console Vault

If you need an in vehicle safe, check out Console Vault's Black Friday sales. I recently evaluated one of their safes, and found it a great option for when you have to go into a non-permissive location. Or if you just want to lock up some more expensive items inside your vehicle.

Elite Survival Systems

If you're searching for bags, cases or other accessories for carrying a gun, you'll probably find it on the Elite Survival System website. I particularly like the Guardian Backpack. It doesn't look tactical, but like their other bags, made very well.


EXTRACarry is offering Black Friday deals on their various models of pouches designed to carry a spare pistol magazine concealed in your pocket. They make pouches for various handgun makes and models, so check out their sale and website to see if they make one for your gun.

edc sig sauer p365 magazine

Gunfighter Gun Oil

We've partnered with Gunfighter Gun Oil and its owner Mickey Schuch for a while, because the oil and cleaning products are great. On top of that, Mickey is a top firearms instructor and a great guy.

Head over to the official Gunfighter Gun Oil website and check out their products and Black Friday sale.

HiViz Sights

Changing your stock sights can be one of the best upgrades to your everyday carry (EDC) gun. HiViz is a trusted manufacturer of replacement sights for rifle, pistol and shotguns. Head over to the HiViz website to check out their Black Friday discounts.

HRT Tactical

During their Black Friday sale, HRT Tactical will offer 20% everything in their store. They sell some of the best tactical gear, such as plate carriers, pouches, body armor and tactical lights. If you're not familiar with all the gear they offer, now is the best time to check out their site and save 20%.

Langdon Tactical

Ernest Langdon's store is going to have a ‘big sale' on Black Friday. I'm not sure which items they will discount, but their apparel is cool. They have medical kits, holsters and the Striker Control Device.

Mountain Man Medical

If you don't own a trauma kit, you should seriously consider getting one. In fact, I recommend keeping one in your vehicle, and always carrying one on you when you're at the range. Head over to Mountain Man Medical and check out the discounted prices on their medical kits and training.

Next Level Training

One of the most popular dry fire training devices I can think of is the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger Pistol (SIRT). The SIRT is so versatile that it has uses on and off the range. You can find some SIRT pistol models in our store, and also check out NLT's sale on their other items.

SIRT laser training pistol line-up

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory has many products for building your own rifles and pistols to stuff you can shoot right away. If you're shopping for gun parts or anything else related to guns, check out Palmetto State Armory's extensive online store.

Range Tech Shot Timer

The Range Tech Shot Timer is the most competitively priced shot timer available. It uses bluetooth to connect to your smart device, which allows greater functionality and easy configuration. Swing by the Range Tech website and check out all this shot timer offers.

Ready Up Gear

From rechargeable batteries, to electronic hearing protection, Ready Up Gear has many products that you'll want to check out. Head over to the website to see the deals.

Silencer Shop

Thanks to unnecessary laws, a silencer isn't something you'll be able to purchase during a Black Friday sale and have in time for Christmas. But that doesn't mean you can't get a good deal on a silencer and get submit your paperwork this fall. Silencer Shop will mark down products on their website during the company's Black Friday sale, so don't miss out.

SSP Eyewear

I own several pairs of SSP Eyewear glasses for shooting and think they offer a fantastic value. We included a gift card to SSP Eyewear in a past Guardian Nation gear box, and members were quite pleased. You can see some of the most popular SSP options in our store. To see SSP's full lineup, check out their sale on the company website.

Methow kit

Tactical Rx

It is tough to find a good pair of safety rated glasses that fit over prescription glasses. Not only does Tactical RX make safety rated prescription glasses, but they have non-prescription options as well. And since they made our list, you know you'll find some discounts on their website during Black Friday.

Throom Targets

Maybe you like shooting reactive steel targets, but your range doesn't allow them. Perhaps the thought of lugging around heavy steel is a turnoff. Or you've determined the cost of a steel plate rack or dueling tree is just too much for your budget. Throom Targets has a solution to these common issues that come with steel targets. They make a polymer, shoot-through, self-healing target.

If that interests you, head over to their site and check out the many options.

Tyrant Designs

If you're looking to upgrade parts of your Glock or Sig handgun, head over to Tyrant Designs website. They make custom parts that can enhance the performance or aesthetics of your blaster.

XS Sights

XS Sights is the maker of fantastic pistol, rifle and shotgun sights, and known especially for their Big Dot, F8 and R3D sights. If you've been on the fence about upgrading your current sights, you can save some money between November 23rd and 28th during their Black Friday sale.

XS Hellcat Sight


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