ExtraCarry Mag Holder [REVIEW]

I recently spoke with Rick, the designer, and owner of a company called ExtraCarry. He asked me to take a look at a couple of their products. Specifically, he wanted some feedback on their different magazine pouches designed for concealed carriers who carry a spare magazine in their pocket.

magazine carrier for concealed carry

ExtraCarry offers two versions of their magazine carrier.

I was familiar with the NeoMag and Snag Mag, similar products designed with the same purpose. As I noted in this review, each product has some advantages and disadvantages, which I did some time ago. However, ExtraCarry was a product I had not seen before.

There are two different mag pouch designs found on the ExtraCarry website. As you will see, they are very similar, but one of the products may suit your needs better than the other.

Two Varients With Similar Features:

The material used to make the carriers is a micro carbon fiber-filled nylon material. The material offers flexibility, high strength, toughness, and chemical resistance. The carriers are designed for the magazine to sit inside a pouch that slides into the pocket. As you can see, the pouch has a thin, extended neck. Also, the long neck allows the magazine to conceal inside the pocket.

At the end of the neck is a clip, similar to what you would find on a pocket knife. Additionally, a couple of nubs under the clip allow removal of the magazine and keep the carrier in place.

I find that the product stayed in place with several different thicknesses and types of clothing materials.

edc magazine carrier

The clip on the ExtraCarry is much more durable than I expected.

In my experience, if gear similar to this fails, it is typically the clip attachment. I have to say, this one exceeded my expectations and is thick and robust. Furthermore, the clip applies enough pressure to keep it in the pocket during the draw, but not so much as to make it hard to clip on the pocket—good execution in the design here.

Model-Specific ExtraCarry Pouch:

Now let's look at the differences between the two products.

First is a magazine and caliber-specific magazine carrier. This non-adjustable variation has a fixed size and length that the specific magazine determines. This version is not adjustable and carries the magazine at a particular depth inside the pocket.

extra carry magazine pouch with sig p365 magazine

Extra carry magazine pouch with sig p365 12-round magazine.

The ExtraCarry mag pouch is available for many different manufacturers' magazines.

Extra Carry Magazine Carrier Compatability List:

  • Beretta
  • Bond Arms
  • Colt
  • CZ
  • Glock
  • HK
  • KAHR
  • Keltec
  • Kimber
  • Ruger
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Sig Sauer
  • Springfield Armory
  • Taurus
  • Walther

That is a pretty impressive offering, so you're likely to find the carrier you need.

edc sig sauer p365 magazine

Universal, Adjustable 9mm Extra Carry Pouch:

You're not out of luck if you carry a gun that isn't on the list. ExtraCarry has a new version of the magazine carrier.

This product is adjustable and will fit most 9mm magazines from any manufacturer. One can make adjustments on how deep they want to carry the magazine in the pocket. It is done by extending or shortening the neck of the product. You make adjustments for the thickness of the magazine with screws on the sides. Additionally, you would loosen or tighten the retention level on the magazine within the carrier with the same screws.

I found that the product can be adjusted quickly and like the fact that the screws are Phillips instead of hex. I've used the adjustable carrier for about a month or so, and the screws have not loosened up. However, I would suggest that you put some blue Loctite on all screws used in any piece of gear.

extra carry universal magazine carrier 9mm

This universal magazine carrier should fit nearly any single or double stack 9mm handgun magazine.

Overall Impressions of the ExtraCarry Mag Carrier:

I find the product's design works well. The pouch stays put inside the pocket and keeps the magazine from moving around. Furthermore, its enclosed design may protect debris from getting inside the magazine. Debris such as lint could potentially cause reliability issues.

Soon, I will be studying just how much this factors in handgun reliability.

The model-specific version adds around 2mm on each side. The other, due to its adjustable design, adds around 4mm on each side. So we are not talking about a lot of bulk. However, the adjustable variant adds more size compared to the fixed model. Nevertheless, the adjustable is, well, adjustable, which is a plus.

adjustable magazine carrier

The length of the neck is adjustable, allowing for different size magazines. As well as how deep you want the magazine in your pocket.

In summary, you will have to weigh which features you need most. In any case, simply dropping the magazine into the pocket is not a great idea. Yes, better than nothing, but better options exist.

If you are looking to find a suitable method of carrying a spare magazine, you should probably head over to the website and check out the ExtraCarry Magazine Carrier. The current MSRP of $55.00 applies to both versions. Depending on your specific gun or the possibility you have different guns, you can choose which style works best for your needs.


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