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Clinger No Print Wonder Review

clinger no print wonder review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Mossberg MC1SC pistol and needed a holster to carry it. I mean, this is, after all. I couldn't not carry that pistol on my person and still give you a decent review.

Enter the Clinger No Print Wonder V3

A good concealed carry holster is supposed to do several things very well. The most important thing, at least in my estimation, is protection of the trigger.

We see regular stories of folks having negligent discharges because they weren't using a proper holster that protected the trigger. The last thing any of us could ever want to have happen is the recent story of a dad changing his daughter's diaper and shooting both of them.

He reached into the diaper bag, forgetting he had a loaded gun apparently chilling out, loose, and pulled the trigger. Last I heard the dad was in critical condition and this is something that could have been avoided.

The main ingredient in the No Print Wonder is Kydex, which is a brand of polymer that can be molded to fit an object. Gun holster manufacturers have perfected this process over the past several years, and Clinger's Kydex shell has great details.

Here I am with my shirt hanging regularly. It's a baggy shirt, but I'm a big dude and trust me, you don't want me in anything form fitting.

Another thing on this all important list of must haves for holsters is its concealability. In other words, how well does it conceal my firearm? The answer to this question will be different for all people, which is why some people carry guns in holsters I'd never consider because they don't conceal well on me.

After carrying the tiny Mossberg MC1SC in the V3 No Print Wonder for a little over a month, I can say that it does conceal well on my body in the 4 or 5 o'clock position.

Then again, this was a tiny pistol and I've not used it with a bigger gun. In this picture, I'm pulling the shirt as tight to my body as I can to show off how little the gun printed, even with the shirt showing off all of my body's glory.

Here I'm purposefully pulling the shirt into the side where the gun is to show you the footprint.

The reason why it conceals so well, and why they can get away with calling it the “No Print Wonder” is because of the leather tab.

On the front of the holster is the leather tab that flexes allowing the solid plastic tab at the back of the holster to really pull the grip of the gun inward to your body.

clinger holster review

That tab at the top of this pic is leather. Also notice the mag release is covered.

This total system allows for maximum concealability in a holster that I'd consider to be of average size.

Fit and Finish:

The Kydex shell is a one piece design, with a fold at the top. The gun fits inside the polymer very well, and offers up that felt, audible click as the pistol seats properly inside. The molding around the trigger guard looks to be where the primary retention comes into play, with adjustable retention screws.

The edges on this holster are nicely rounded, which is a necessary feature for a company to not fall behind with all the competition coming out of the woodwork these days. Overall, craftsmanship is on par with just about anything else out there.

But, there is something strange I'd like to point out.

The holes on the shell itself that convert it into the Stingray leave a little to be desired–finish wise. As you can see in this picture, that's a piece of plastic from the drilling process that's still attached to the inside:

At the top there is a piece of plastic from the drilling process. Shouldn't be there, in my opinion.

One of the last things I want is for that to come loose on the re-holster and scratch the finish on my gun, or worse, somehow get lodged up inside my trigger group causing a failure when needed most.

Scraping it out is easy enough and I'm nitpicking at this point, but it shouldn't be there.


I'm not a fan of this style clip, and that comes from testing out tons of concealed carry holsters over the past five or six years.

Clips. And if you look closely you can see a small rip in my shirt that is from a clip just like this on a different holster.

I have two main complaints here. First, these clips are damaging to clothing. I've gone through countless shirts while carrying a holster with similar clips because a small bit of it got caught and tore a hole.

Not the biggest deal, but you can imagine that it takes its toll on the wallet if you've gotta keep buying clothes. I picked the above shirt to show you an example. In the most recent picture you can see a small hole right behind the gun from a similar clip on a different holster.

Please note that I have NOT used this holster long enough to damage any clothing so it wouldn't be fair of me to say that it does the same thing with certainty.

Also, I've only worn this one with shoddy shirts that are already damaged as I'm not willing to damage any good ones.

The second complaint, is that this sort of clip doesn't always work well with really thick gun belts, like the one you see me wearing above. I have had circumstances where this holster's back clip worked itself about halfway up the belt after repeated ups and downs from sitting in my office chair.

As you can imagine, that's not good. With a thinner gun belt, it's fine. I have two that I used during this test, the one pictured is the JM4 Tactical Double Shot Belt. The other is a Klik Belt that's a double stitched, double layer nylon rigger type belt.

I did not experience the holster riding up on the second, thinner belt, and the JM4 Belt is the thickest belt I've ever seen.

Overall, the quality of the holster is great. My main complaint is the clips, and it looks like they have an option to choose a different set–which is great as it's what I'd use.

I want to point out that this holster was provided for me to do a review on by Clinger Holsters, but that in no way influences my thoughts on this holster.

Have you used one of these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Visit their website here, for more information.

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  1. Ed April 18, 2019 at 4:29 am #

    I use one of these daily. However, like every holster I own, with modifications lol. I added my own holes and now use strap type clips instead of the metal. I also removed the leather and added a claw to the back kydex/plastic extension. And I carry it AIWB. So I guess I don’t really have this holster anymore lol

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