Alternative Method to Carry a Spare Magazine from CCW Breakaways

Whether you carry a spare magazine with your everyday carry (EDC) gun is a decision you need to make after doing your own cost-benefit analysis. If you want to carry a spare magazine, but haven't yet figured out a comfortable and reliable way to do so, consider this simple item from CCW Breakaways.

Sidecar Holsters—

One method used to carry a spare magazine is to use a holster with a magazine carrier or ‘sidecar' attached. These holsters are popular, especially in the appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) position. While sidecar holsters provide the option to carry a spare magazine, I find the design can actually make concealment tougher. Holsters that allow the magazine carrier to flex independently from the holster are better than one-piece holsters, in my opinion.

SIG P365 9mm in Tac-Lab MTR Holster


Standalone Magazine Carriers—

Another method is to use a standalone magazine carrier like this one from Pitbull Tactical. The trouble with standalone mag carriers is that they add bulk and can be more challenging to conceal.

pitbull tactical

Pocket Clips—

Then there are products like the Neo Mag, Snag Mag, and Extra Carry. Products like these carry the magazine inside your pocket and keep it in position with a discrete clip. Carrying the magazine in your pocket instead of your belt line is comfortable. Of these three, I find the Neo Mag is easiest to conceal, but sometimes the magazine can dislodge from the magnet. The Snag Mag and Extra Carry are a little bulky for me.

Spandex, MagSock from CCW Breakaways—

Now for the product from CCW Breakaways, designed to provide a way to carry a spare magazine called the ‘MagSock“. Essentially, the magazine carrier is a thin, spandex pouch with a velcro backing. Now the MagSock specifically pairs with the CCW Breakaways pants and shorts designed for pocket carry, because they come with a large velcro patch on the inside of the pockets. However, you could certainly sew a patch of velcro on the inside of any pants or shorts pockets and achieve the same result.

There are two sizes, one for double-stack magazines and the other for single stacks. I am quite impressed with how well the spandex holds the magazine, and the velcro method of attachment is surprisingly strong. A benefit of using a universal pouch like the MagSock is that you could use it for a can of OC Spray.


All methods of carrying a spare magazine come with advantages and challenges. Whichever method you choose, make sure to practice drawing your spare magazine.

I think carrying a spare magazine is a great idea for those who want to do so. However, you might choose not to carry one, and that is okay. Do you carry a spare mag? If so why, and what method do you use?

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  1. shootshellz on December 17, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    Nope. You want a nylon magazine pouch that attaches with belt loops on the OUTSIDE of your pants with flaps that secure the magazine(s). The LAST thing you want in a firefight is to be fa#ting around with trying to pull a magazine from inside your pants pocket (especially when seated).

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