Pitbull Tactical Magazine Carrier-Is it a Good Choice for EDC

If you have the space, carrying a spare magazine along with your everyday carry (EDC) gun is not a bad idea. I recently tried a magazine carrier from Pitbull Tactical. I'll give you my opinion on the product after using it for a few months.

pitbull tactical

Do You Carry a Spare Mag?

Before I begin reviewing the Pitbull Tactical mag carrier, I want to acknowledge that not everyone carries a spare magazine. In fact, I think if you could carry only one item in addition to your EDC, you're better off carrying a less-lethal force option. But that doesn't mean I don't think you should have a spare magazine.

There are absolutely legitimate reasons and justifications for carrying an extra magazine. It just shouldn't trump things like a handheld light, trauma gear, or less-lethal options.

Why the Magazine carrier from Pitbull Tactical?

Now, let's presume you want to carry a spare magazine, which I totally support and practice most of the time myself. Is the mag carrier from Pitbull Tactical a piece of gear you should consider? Here is my opinion on the product.

When asked, people give a few predictable reasons for not carrying a spare magazine, and I think this mag carrier overcomes some of them.Pitbull Tactical

Multiple guns:

They carry different guns and don't want to buy other magazine carriers to accommodate the magazines of different guns.

The Pitbull Tactical carrier accepts almost every single or double stack magazine from 9mm to .45 ACP. Personally, I have verified it works well with Sig Sauer P365, P320, Glock 19, Archon Type B, and Sticcatto 2011. I've used other universal mag carriers in the past, and some of them frustrated me with their design. However, this one seems to address these design issues.

  • Height- Magazines come in different lengths. Enough of the magazine must extend above the top of the carrier to easily grasp it. If not, it's more challenging to draw the magazine. On the other hand, if the carrier is too short, too much of the magazine sticks out, and it doesn't adequately secure the magazine. The Pitbull Tactical carrier seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of this height.
  • Retention- Some carriers, especially those designed to carry single and double-stack magazines, tend to be extremely tight to provide enough retention for the slimmer single-stack magazines. Universal carriers will always provide a bit more retention on the double-stack magazines when compared to single-stack. However, this carrier seems to offer an acceptable amount of retention on both types of magazines.

pitbull tactical magazine carrier

Not enough space:

Secondly, some people don't have the belt space for a magazine carrier. Most magazine carriers I see used for EDC are a kydex form with the standard magazine belt clip attached. They tend to be a bit cumbersome compared to other styles. The pancake-style carriers are slimmer but can't be easily attached and removed without taking the belt off.

Measuring only 2 inches at its widest point, the carrier doesn't occupy much space on the belt at all.

pitbull tactical


Concealment is always a consideration when it comes to guns and other objects we carry daily. The Pitbull mag carrier does not extend out far from the belt as some others I've used in the past. Empty, the carrier is only 1 inch thick. A Glock 19 magazine extends the carrier a half-inch. The slim profile allows me to carry it outside or inside the waistband.

Some comment that the carrier is bulky. There are other methods to carry magazines that provide less bulk. And if this carrier were not universal and made explicitly for a specific magazine's dimensions, it could be more streamlined. However, when comparing the Pitbull Tactical to other universal, ‘pouch-style'  carriers, I find it is pretty compact.

I actually like orienting the carrier between the belt and my pants. The added tension from the belt provides good retention and reduces printing, while still being comfortable.


You should consider the durability of any EDC gear. This carrier doesn't use any cams that require adjustment screws or bands that you must sinch for retention. Instead, this carrier uses thick rubber ‘web' that provides just the right amount of flex.

Part of my evaluation involved pulling the carrier apart to see if the rubber would stretch or break. Even though I could probably tear the rubber with enough force, I'm satisfied that it can withstand the typical forces applied while using it for EDC use.

I also found that the rubber didn't lose the ability to retain the magazine after stretching it far beyond what anyone would typically do. So far, after a couple of months, the rubber hasn't lost its elasticity.

The reason I did this is simple.  If I carry a piece of gear or recommend it to others, I want to have reasonable confidence it won't fail you or me when we need it most.

The clip is durable, and the rubber bindings (the only practical failure point) are good to go.

pitbull tactical


Finally, you don't have a massive budget for gear and guns if you're like me. Good news for folks like us, the Pitbull Tactical carrier is around 25 bucks. This price point makes it nearly half the cost of other similar products. Overall I am pleased with this mag carrier from Pitbull Tactical and can confidently recommend it.

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