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All About Gun Belts: SHOP Talk With Riley Bowman

The importance of using a gun belt in your every day carry setup cannot be overstated. When I first started carrying a concealed gun, I did what most folks do: I used my regular old belt that is clearly less than good in terms of keeping your gun up around your waist where it should be.

And, that's the main goal of having a gun belt, right? A nice, rigid gun belt doesn't sag or flex anywhere near as much as a traditional belt does. They specialize in keeping the gun up and thus, preventing it from doing that one thing we're all trying to avoid: The dreaded print.

When the gun sags or twists on your waist, it can actually rotate the grip toward your shirt, showing it to the world at large, or at least to whoever is looking in your general direction.

Another thing many folks don't think about until they carry a gun purposed belt is the fact that your gun will stay put where you want it all day long instead of moving around on you.

This is extremely important if you take concealed carry seriously. The last thing you could ever want is to have to draw your gun on an attacker only to be thrown off by your gun being in a different spot and you didn't realize it until it was too late.

Anyway, I promised you an episode of SHOP Talk with Concealed Carry Podcast host Riley Bowman and have spoken long enough, myself. Here's the episode where he talks about the purpose, fitment, how to measure and get the right one, and tons of other useful stuff:

We carry quite a few gun belts in our online store, that you can find here.

Do you use a gun belt for your EDC setup? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, to see past episodes of SHOP Talk with Riley, go here:

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  1. Dave February 13, 2019 at 8:29 pm #

    I use a regulation tactical belt all Velcro.

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