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Holsters Concealment and Carry Positions Online Course



Welcome to the master course on concealment and concealed carry. This training course, which runs over 5 and 1/2 hours long covers in depth the principles of concealment from clothing to belts and everything in between.

Instructors Riley Bowman and Annette Evans cover different carry positions, how to overcome obstacles to comfort and concealment, holster materials, hardware, belts, and much more.

Lessons in this course include:

  • Introduction
  • 4 Rules of a Holster
  • Holster Materials
  • Gun Dimensions
  • 3 Axis of Concealment
  • Concealment Features of Holsters
  • Holster Clips to Avoid
  • All About Belts
  • Annette Introduced
  • Talking Belts With Annette
  • OWB Holsters
  • IWB & AIWB Holsters
  • Holster Hardware
  • Hybrid Holsters
  • Off Waist Carry
  • Unconventional Methods of On Body Carry
  • Off Body Carry
  • How to Use the Restroom While Carrying
  • Concealment Comfort Tipe
  • AIWB Draw and Fire
  • Riley OWB and Annette Bra Holster
  • Riley Ankle and Annette Purse


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