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Nobody Needs an AR-15 Death Ray Machine Gun

(Disclaimer, this article is meant to be snarky. I hope you all know by now just how pro-gun I am. I believe everyone should own an AR-15 (or 100) if they want to. This disclaimer exists because people won't read the entire article and assume I'm anti-gun.)

Nobody needs an AR-15 automatic war machine death-ray gun that's capable of shooting laser beams from satellites in the sky and demolishing an entire country of people with one single trigger pull!

You can't hunt with an AR-15 and they can't be used for self-defense. All they're good for is KILLING!!! KILL!!! KILL!!! KILL!!! Killing who? As many people as possible because they shoot 6,000 rounds per second!

They are weapons of war! They are war machines that don't belong in the hands of civilians!!! They are so scary looking with all those extra things on them!!!

Muzzle brakes, flash hiders, and fore grips add to the level of destruction. And having a pistol grip on an AR-15 death ray war machine makes it shoot an extra 4,000 rounds per second!!!

The more you customize them, the deadlier they get. I've even heard of certain AR-15s with this M-LOK feature having this Keymod capability that turns them into mindless zombies to start killing all on their own!

Anyone who owns an AR-15 weapon of war death machine is a coward at life because there is no useful application. How afraid of life do you have to be to own an assault weapon of mass killing destruction where just the looks of the rifle are deadly?

Tactical Legos!!!

Nobody can handle the power that is the AR-15! Death Machine! War Machine! Automatic Assault Weapon!

Nobody needs an AR-15.

Nobody, that is, except for pregnant mothers of 11 year old girls whose hubby has had his eye socket crushed, his nasal cavity smashed, and is severely concussed by a couple bad men intent on doing harm.

Okay, I'm done with the wise guy remarks … for now.

For that pregnant mother, it was the ONLY way she was going to protect not only her husband from death, but her daughter's life as well.

She was likely scared, as she should have been. But, instead of cowering in fear, Mama Bear stepped up to the plate and saved her family by equalizing the threat of two bad men with guns, and her own long gun called AR-15. You know, the one that nobody needs.

It's not like she needed to protect her family or anything.

Any downside to using a rifle in a home defense situation is eclipsed by the fact that a lesser shooter can be more accurate to protect the ones they love.

That, my friends, is just one application. The application of a pregnant mother who wants to save her family from death and is quite capable of stopping bad guys in their tracks because the AR-15 is an EXCELLENT home defense weapon.

Brian covered this story here on our sub-site.

If you have anything to add, you can do so in the comments below.

Oh, and we like to recommend Palmetto State Armory for all of your AR-15 and customization needs.

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One Response to Nobody Needs an AR-15 Death Ray Machine Gun

  1. spotsdaman November 12, 2019 at 8:20 pm #

    Thank you Josh. You certainly cleared up some confusion among me and my family. See I thought my wife should have the AK. You certainly make her point. She will now have control over one of the MANY freaky killing AR15 in our home. If she ever puts down the AK.

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