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Articles that emphasize and teach about firearm safety rules and issues at home, when carrying, and at the range.

Vara Safety

Reach, by Vara Safety Balances Firearm Accessibility and Security (Biometric Gun Safe Review)

In October 2019 I came across an article while putting together the out for our 357th episode of the Concealed Carry Podcast. The topic of that day’s episode was news related to new products and general gun industry news. I included an article that spe about a product called ‘Reach’ by Vara Safety. The Reach, […]

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Security of your home is everyone's responsibility. Similarly, they should know the family's response plan.

Your Armed Response to the Late Night Knock at the Door Could Get You Killed

I can think of several incidents where homeowners have been shot after being mistaken as the bad guy by responding officers. There is a recent case with good video and documentation so I chose it as an example of what can go wrong. June 14, 2019, in Greenville, South Carolina The incident begins just before […]

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