Surviving the Storm: A Gun Owner’s Guide to Disaster Preparedness

destroyed homes in hawaii

In a world of unpredictability, where nature’s fury can strike without warning, I cannot overstate the importance of being prepared for natural disasters. For gun owners, this readiness takes on a unique dimension, requiring a strategic approach that combines both commitment to personal safety and responsibility as firearm custodians. As hurricanes, floods, and other disasters…

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National Preparedness Month: The Gun Owners Role

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It seems like each month is ‘national this or that month,’ and it’s pretty hard to keep track, even if you wanted to. So, in case you weren’t aware, September is National Preparedness Month. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the organization, along with 3,000 global, national, regional, and local governments,…

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Taurus Issues Safety Notice for GX4 Handguns

taurus safety recall

Taurus issued what they refer to as a “Safety Notice” for their popular new GX4 handguns. According to Taurus, the issue is that under some circumstances, if dropped, the GX4 could fire upon impact with the ground. Taurus Joins Honor Defense and Sig Sauer— This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this phenomenon with a…

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