Genuine Tourniquets are a Must: Say No to Counterfeits

Some people in our team notified me of something disturbing they found while visiting an undisclosed shooting range that was hosting a USPSA Championship match. Each shooting bay had a designated trauma kit, which is a good thing. But what they found inside shocked them! When they told me, I thought it was worth writing a quick reminder to anyone purchasing trauma gear.

genuine CAT Tourniquet from North American Rescue

Get Reliable, and Appropriate, Trauma Gear for Your Kit:

In emergency situations, having the right gear is critical. Not only that, but having reliable medical equipment can make the difference between life and death. The trauma kits our team found contained a bunch of space blankets, Q-Tips, a splint and a “tourniquet.” This isn't the gear list for the trauma kit you want on the range. If you're unsure of what to include in your trauma kit, check out this post.

So what about reliable gear? You need to have confidence that your gear will perform how it's supposed to when you need it most. One concerning trend is the proliferation of counterfeit tourniquets. Check out this quick video from Brian of Mountain Man Medical.

Fake and Real Tourniquets:

A tourniquet is a critical tool used to control bleeding and save lives. However, not all tourniquets are equal. In recent years, unscrupulous Chinese companies have flooded the market with counterfeit tourniquets. These TQs are especially popular on sites like Amazon and Ebay.


The Dangers of Counterfeit Tourniquets

-Inadequate Material Quality:

Manufacturers of counterfeit tourniquets use subpar materials that do not meet the rigorous standards of genuine medical equipment. These inferior materials can lead to reduced durability and effectiveness during emergencies.

-Unreliable Performance:

For medical emergencies, every second counts. Counterfeit tourniquets may not function as expected, leading to delays in crucial interventions. This can have severe consequences, particularly in situations where rapid bleeding control is imperative.

-Potential Allergenic Reactions:

This may not be a huge deal with TQs, but can be a problem with other knock-off trauma gear. The materials used in counterfeit trauma gear may not be hypoallergenic or biocompatible. This can lead to allergic reactions or skin irritation, further complicating the emergency.

-Inaccurate Pressure Control:

Genuine tourniquets provide precise pressure control, ensuring effective bleeding management without causing additional harm. Counterfeit versions may lack this level of accuracy, potentially causing unnecessary discomfort or damage to the patient.

This is the fake TQ found inside the range's trauma kit! Not good, not good at all!

A fake CAT tourniquet found in a trauma kit at a shooting range.

The Value of Genuine Tourniquets

-Reliable Hemorrhage Control:

Genuine tourniquets can swiftly and effectively halt severe bleeding, potentially saving lives in critical situations. Their reliable performance can make a crucial difference in emergencies.

-Long-lasting Durability:

Manufacturers of genuine tourniquets use high-quality, durable materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of real-world medical scenarios. This longevity guarantees they will be ready when you need them most.

-Adherence to Medical Standards:

Authentic tourniquets are tested and manufactured in accordance with established medical standards. This ensures they meet the criteria for safety, efficacy, and quality.

-Trusted by Professionals:

Healthcare providers and first responders and military men worldwide rely on genuine tourniquets for their effectiveness and proven track record. By choosing authentic products, you align yourself with the best practices of medical professionals.

How to Tell if You Have a Real or Fake CAT Tourniquet:

I wouldn't leave you hanging without giving you the info to determine if you have a genuine CAT tourniquet. In the video below, Brian explains everything you need to know about these dangerous knock-offs.


In critical situations, having access to reliable medical equipment is paramount. Genuine tourniquets offer a level of performance, quality, and safety that counterfeit versions simply cannot match. By prioritizing authenticity, you're not only ensuring the well-being of patients but also contributing to a safer and more effective emergency response.

Genuine trauma gear, including a genuine TQ, may cost more money, but this is definitely one area you don't want to go cheap on.

Remember, for tourniquets, genuine is the only way to go. Say no to counterfeits and invest in the safety and well-being of those who depend on you. Trust in genuine tourniquets for reliable, life-saving results.

If you want to get the best price on a wide variety of trauma kits, or build your own? Check out Mountain Man Medical.

mountain man medical applying a TQ

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