2 New Trauma Kits Specifically Designed For the Outdoors

Our partner company, Mountain Man Medical, has released two new trauma kits explicitly designed for those of us who hear the call of the outdoors. If like hiking, hunting or just being outdoors and you're not familiar with Mountain Man Medical, here is a quick introduction to the trauma kits they offer specifically for you.

outdoorsman with mountain man medical trauma kit

Trauma Kits for Outdoorsmen:

The overarching goal of Mountain Man Medical (MMM) is to get high-quality trauma gear into the hands of everyone regardless of profession. While the price of the kits is at or below similar products, MMM sources industry-proven and components from the leaders in the trauma gear industry.

For some time, outdoorsmen who understood the importance of a trauma kit designed specifically for hunting, hiking, etc., probably got the popular Wind River trauma kit. It is a highly versatile individual first aid kit (IFAK) for a wide range of applications.

However, you always have to make some compromises when you go with a universal item for anything. For example, weight isn't a significant consideration for an IFAK that you stage in your garage, house, range bag, etc. Now, if you're hiking far distances or hunting and need to carry a lot of gear, every ounce starts to add up.

Two New Trauma Kits from Mountain Man Medical:

For this reason, MMM designed two kits, especially for those of us who must consider the weight of what we carry into the great outdoors. This is especially true if you're hiking or hunting.

The Basecamp:brian maclaughlin holding hunting trauma kit


New to MMM is the Basecamp Trauma Kit. This kit contains everything you likely need to address a wide range of medical issues and more. In fact, the kit comes with enough gear to address injuries to multiple people.

However, because of its comprehensive list of items, it's larger and heavier than what you want to carry as you hike through nature. So, as the name implies, staging this kit at your base camp is smart.

For a complete list of the items included in the Basecamp Kit, click here.

But you still need to have trauma gear on hand when you go out from your base camp and start moving. So, besides food, water, specific equipment, a trauma kit that provides the essentials and isn't too heavy is ideal.

The Tracker:

hiking trauma kit on belt

The Tracker Kit fits this role perfectly. It is lightweight and packed with essential items you can use on yourself or someone else to address common injuries. If you're far from help, making it back to your base camp and the substantial trauma kit staged there provides more resources until other help can arrive.

For a complete list of the items included in the Tracker Kit, click here.

Why two Kits?

Obviously, the big issue when you're in the outdoors is that medical help may be hours away. So you have to be prepared to treat not only yourself but others in your party or a stranger. And with the unpredictability of outdoor activities, it isn't uncommon for a trauma event to strike several people at once.

This unpredictability is the reason for both a comprehensive (Basecamp) and a portable (Tracker) outdoor trauma kit.

Learn to use the gear:

I'm not a trauma expert, and you don't have to be either to save a life. However, MMM not only sells gear but provides training on how to use the gear. And the MMM blog posts and YouTube channel are valuable in education on all things trauma-related.

Brian McLaughlin, the face of Mountain Man Medical, is a combat-tested Navy Corpsman who knows what he is talking about. In this video, you can check his reasoning behind choosing the specific items in both the Basecamp and Tracker kits.

Please do yourself and others a favor, take trauma gear with you to the field and prepare for anything the mountain throws at you.

hunting with mountain man medical trauma kit on belt

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