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Safeway Anti-Gun

What is Safeway’s Gun Policy?

Safeway, a massive chain of over 1,300 grocery stores is one of the major supermarkets in the United States and because of the immense number of customers they receive and the fact that many of you likely have shopped there we wanted to take a look at their specific policy about carrying firearms within their […]

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Shooting at YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, CA

The Bayside town of San Bruno is home to many major tech companies, perhaps none bigger than YouTube. Today this giant company became a giant target for a deadly shooting. YouTube’s headquarters is located at 901 Cherry Ave. in San Bruno, California and hosts over 1,000 employees making it one of the largest private employers in the […]

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Uber Gun Policy

What is Uber’s Gun Policy?

Many of you have likely read stories of drivers or passengers who were armed and forced to use their firearms to defend themselves against various threats over the years, but if Uber had its way these defensive gun uses would have never happened in the first place, because you wouldn’t be armed at all.

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