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Falco Belly Band Holster Review [Video]

Falco belly band holsters

A great company from Slovakia. This company makes holsters in an plethora of styles. A visit to their webpage is like being a kid in a candy store. I was fortunate to field test 2 belly bands from Falco Holsters. They were made of incredibly nice material and workmanship. One of them was a mesh type material, and one had a very soft, vented material. Both my wife I have tried many belly bands. I am not too affected by different fabrics being up against my skin. My wife however, is very sensitive and gets itchy very easily.

These belly bands from Falco were the only belly bands that did not cause her any issues at all. I like the fact that the retention strap is a bungie cord. Very easy to operate if you choose to use it. The area over the trigger guard is not enforced with thicker material, so carrying a double action firearm or one with a safety would probably be preferable to be extra safe. Overall, the belly bands are very well made at an affordable price.

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