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Concealment Express Holster [VIDEO REVIEW]

Specializes in producing great Kydex IWB holsters and getting them to you fast! They don’t have as large a selection of guns as some other companies, but they have all the major players covered [UPDATE:  Concealment Express has added a HUGE number of gun models to their line of holsters.  They even have holsters for guns that are very obscure and that are hard to find!] The Kydex is on the thinner side when compared to other Kydex holsters, but it formed pretty well. I'm not a huge fan of the metal clips, but they have decent retention. It has a small adjustment for cant, which is a nice addition. Customer service is great and they can get you the holster in a day or two. They make the holsters in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. These are not the top of the line when it comes to Kydex holsters, but if you are looking at trying out a new carry position, or want to see if a Kydex holster is right for you, they are not expensive and a great place to start.

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