Deadly Force Dilemma, Shoot-to-Incapacitate, a Horrible, Misguided Concept

enoch deadly force shooting

It is painfully apparent that what most people think about armed or unarmed self-defense is based on fantasy. This disconnect is most evident whenever the media and public nincompoops give their “professional” opinion on any given officer-involved shooting (OIS). Without fail, someone races to show the world that they don’t understand violent encounters and says…

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Utah Man Stabs His Grandparents, Gets Shot By Grandfather

Defensive Gun Use

Sevier County Utah Sheriffs responded to a 911 call from someone “in obvious panic,” Sheriffs said. The caller reported that their grandson was attacking her husband and stabbing him with a knife. July 8th Incident: The self-defense incident happened on July 8th in the Utah home of Margo (75) and Charles (78) Evans. According to…

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Kidnapping at Elementary School Stopped by Armed Teacher

ogden school

An armed teacher intervened after a man attempted to kidnap an elementary school child from the playground. The teacher fired no shots, the suspect is in custody, and the child is physically unharmed. Stories You May Not Hear About Elsewhere: You may not have heard about this incident. Incidents involving the justified, life-saving use of…

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