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Episode 473: A New Dawn – May The Odds Ever be in Your Favor

Topic: A New Dawn – May The Odds Ever be in Your Favor

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster bring to you the latest legislative news and updates. Joe Biden was just sworn-in as our 46th President, and let the Hunger Games begin. Lots of legislation both good–and bad–being proposed across America. Join us to stay on top of these important updates!

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One Response to Episode 473: A New Dawn – May The Odds Ever be in Your Favor

  1. William Smith January 31, 2021 at 9:59 am #

    You have been a great help and up to date; hard work. Thank you.

    I have many concerns about our president. No bad words, no fighting, and
    Sincerely to everyone, the president has been trying to write out and reverse all of the laws that will remove our constitutional rights and take our gun rights away.

    Suggestion: With all the threats and demands to destroy our lifes and goverment from the new president, can this president be held responsible for his actions here and be written out of office with his entire office body?

    I seek ZERO harm to anyone. But if I sought to abuse the government like this,
    Many People will be charged with felonies and in up in prison, including self.

    Thank you !

    William Smith

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