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S6E6 – Legislative Updates – 1/2 of US States

Topic: Legislative Updates – 1/2 of US States

Jacob and Matthew discuss legal issues from Georgia, Maryland, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and some more drama from the ATF under the Biden administration. Tune in!

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4 Responses to S6E6 – Legislative Updates – 1/2 of US States

  1. George Perrin May 5, 2022 at 3:45 pm #

    A question about constitutional carry and two comments related to Colorado’s gutting of pre-emption law:

    Which of the 25 current and pending constitutional carry states only extend this right/privilege/(choose one) to its residents, and still require non-residents to possess a permit which they honor?

    While discussing Colorado in your legislative updates, you might want to keep an eye on the status of Denver Bill 22-0401 which specifically targets concealed carriers in the anti-gunners sights, as it relates to concealed carry in and onDenver properties, such as parks, and would even apply to City/County-owned mountain property.

    Much like Denver’s Bill 22-0401, which was fully facilitated by the passage of SB21-256 by Colorado’s esteemed state legislators, the jurisdiction of Edgewater has been eyeing very restrictive legislation as well. I do believe that for the time being, Edgewater Council has backed away from some of their highly restrictive proposals for lawful concealed carry, but I fear that Denver City Council is plowing ahead to further burden law-abiding concealed carriers

    • Jacob Paulsen May 5, 2022 at 3:48 pm #

      George, visit this link and click on “Constitutional Carry” at the top of the page. On that map you can hover your mouse over all the green states and read the blurbs. In cases where it only applies to residents that is called out specifically. North Dakota is an example that comes quickly to mind.

      Thanks for the heads up on Denver 22-0401. Since we are based here we tend to keep an extra close eye on these.

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