NRAAM 2019 New Releases

We are out at the NRA Annual Meetings, 2019, wandering around the show floor, checking out the goodies, and running into a few of our friends from around the country.

If you're here, make sure you stop us and say hi if you see any of us walking around. If we see you because you're wearing a shirt or hat of ours, we'll actually stop you.

Beretta APX Carry —

As you can see above, I got a chance to get my hands on the new Beretta APX Carry. It's an interesting little gun, but I don't have much trigger time behind this platform.

To help fix this, I asked for a sample to be sent out to me for review. I'll keep you posted on if they send one out to me or not.

Colt King Cobra 2″ —

Colt also announced something exciting, which is the King Cobra with a 2″ barrel that looks like it'll be a great carry gun for those of us into revolvers.

I carry one on a pretty regular basis, so I'm in line here.

As you can see, it's got the smaller barrel, as well as a bobbed hammer. It remains true at this point, for me at least, that this is the best double action trigger I've felt on a revolver.

The Colt employee told me that they're going to be getting caught up on production, soon, so that you can walk into the gun store and just buy one off the shelves.


I had the chance to talk to a SIG employee and get the lo-down on all they've got going on. Well, what they'd share with me, anyway.

Here's one that was just released this week, the Coyote Tan P365:

I suppose it was just a matter of time before different colors were an option, as is almost always the case, as we've seen above with the Beretta.

Also, for those wondering, yes they have announced the manual safety for the P365, and the rep said that they were going to start shipping in May.

I know a lot of people looking forward to that option, so stay tuned for that as we'll do our best to announce it for you.

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