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SIG’s New MPX Copperhead 9mm Braced Pistol

SIG Sauer Announced their newest addition to the family, in the form of their new ultra-compact MPX Copperhead 9mm braced pistol. I'm not usually one to get excited about an $1,800 (or under $1,600 as it says in the video?) gun, but this one looks pretty sweet.

With a barrel length of only 3.5 inches and an overall length of just 14.5 inches, this gas piston-driven beauty looks like the perfect suitcase, backpack, or truck gun.

While my carry pistol has a barrel length of about the same dimensions, the MPX Copperhead comes with the added stability of the pistol brace (if you know how to deploy it properly) and a 20 round magazine for a few extra rounds of firepower.

It's also fully ambidextrous according to SIG Sauer, which is a great feature for you southpaws, and obviously boasts familiar controls. Now that I'm starting to sound like a salesman for SIG, which I'm not, let me point out some concerns of mine —

  1. This is clearly outside the budget of a normal, average income family.
  2. You'd still need to add sights or an optic, increasing the overall cost.
  3. It only comes with one 20-round mag, and I don't know anyone who stops at owning just one magazine. Thus, raising costs again.

Still, this small package has me enthralled with its usability for certain folks needing a quick, deployable, accurate, pistol that can be braced on your cheek (or shoulder depending on the BATFE's flavor of the week) for added stability.

Many folks aren't sure what this little pistol's role is, but I see it, and I like it. If I had one it'd go with me everywhere I brought a backpack, ya know, just in case. Here is SIG's video, where they mention the price being something totally different than what is listed on the website:

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