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florida school ccw arrested

Florida Concealed Carrier Faces Felony Charge

A concealed carrier in Naples County, Florida, will have to answer a felony gun charge after carrying her firearm on school property. You may remember earlier this week, I wrote about an unfortunate mistake by an Ohio concealed carrier that led to him facing a felony gun charge for violating the forbidden “school safety zone.” […]

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ogden school

Kidnapping at Elementary School Stopped by Armed Teacher

An armed teacher intervened after a man attempted to kidnap an elementary school child from the playground. The teacher fired no shots, the suspect is in custody, and the child is physically unharmed. Stories You May Not Hear About Elsewhere: You may not have heard about this incident. Incidents involving the justified, life-saving use of […]

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Episode 221: Banks, State Governments and Ammo Companies

Today Riley and Matthew cover a bunch of news stories including some about out of control banking companies and schools and state governments. We also highlight the response from pro-gun states and ammunition companies. Plus, are you being careful about the public places you frequent and how you are preparing yourself to defend yourself if the […]

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