Is 10 Enough? How Many Rounds for Daily Concealed Carry?

P365 With SIG 365 V-Crown Ammo

Every concealed carrier faces a critical question: how many rounds should be on hand for daily defense? While statistics suggest an average, real-world situations are unpredictable. This article navigates the nuanced terrain of ammunition capacity, exploring what truly helps us prepare for a self-defense encounter. The Average Number Of Rounds Needed Method: The average number…

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S9E9: Revolvers and Other Handgun Options

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the idea of carrying and practicing with revolvers. Are these timeless pieces no longer relevant in today’s world? Or do they still serve some purpose? This topic was recently featured as our monthly Shooter Ready Challenge where Riley highlighted doing some dry fire practice with a revolver. Check it out at and tune into today’s episode!

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Myth Busted: Revolvers Don’t Fail

I’m sure I’m about to ruffle some feathers on this one, and that’s ay. What I’m about to say is factually true, and that’s all that matters. There are tons of myths floating around from folks, and I’d like to put one of them to rest today. Revolver Reliability Myth– Have you ever heard someone…

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Grumpy Man in Jail After Shooting Trespasser in Head

man shoots trespasser

In Preston, Idaho, a shooting highlighted the importance of a proper self-defense mindset and reaffirmed that some guns are neat but aren’t a great choice for your everyday carry (EDC) handgun. According to news reports, here is how the incident unfolded. On May 31st, a woman and her friend drove down route 36 in Franklin…

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The Problem With Revolvers For Concealed Carry

I’m actually quite a fan of the concealed carry revolver. There have been several times when I’d just drop my small snub nose 38 special into the Sticky Holster in my . In fact, when I need a deeper concealment option, like at church, that’s how I tend to roll. I like to believe that…

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