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Colt Announces New King Cobra 357 Magnum Revolver

King Cobra

Colt recently announced the reincarnation of its magnum line of revolvers in the form of the King Cobra as a line extension of its 38 special chambered Cobra Revolver.

After the Cobra was released in 2017 many revolver lovers and Colt aficionados begged for a .357 magnum version to follow, maybe even offering a Colt Python at some point in the near future.

While the future is unsure for the Snake Guns of old such as the aforementioned Python, as well as the Anaconda, Boa, Diamondback, etc., many others thought this day would never come at all. Thankfully, it seems as if Colt has been listening to what people want to at least some degree.

The King Cobra is a 6-shot, 357 magnum chambered revolver with a three inch barrel. One thing I'm a personal fan of with this lineup of wheel guns is the bigger than average trigger guard. The first time I handled the new Colt Cobra, and fired it, I felt the difference.

I have bigger than average hands, and my fingers rival the size of sausages. My finger barely fits inside the trigger guard of other revolvers from their competition, and this particular gun chambered in .357 magnum is a welcome addition for me.

I can see this becoming a backpacking gun during my newly found love of hiking in black bear country, taking in the countryside of Western North Carolina.

MSRP is on this 28 ounce, double action revolver with Hogue Overmold Grips is $899.99, with a street price likely a bit lower than that, if you can find them. I'll also see if I can get my hands on one for a review.

You can find out more about the King Cobra here, and compare prices of the Colt Cobra in .38 Special here.

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