Elite Survival Systems Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack Review

Recently, I tried out the Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack from Elite Survival Systems. I have owned their cobra buckle belt for about ten years and had zero issues with comfort or performance, so I was interested to see what sort of bags they make. As expected, Elite Survival Systems delivered, so let's dig in.

photo of descreet rifle backpack

Evaluating the Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack-

To start with, I found the Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack accommodates everything you need for a range session—and then some. It can hold a full size disassembled upper and lower receiver, so you can carry a rifle and other gear without drawing too much attention from nosy neighbors. The Summit features hook and loop attachment points to keep the upper and lower receiver securely in place. These points are modular and are easy to reorient to fit your specific application. I adjusted the attachment points to fit my complete (SBR) and it held it securely without separating the lower from the upper.

SBR, CMMG Banshee

CMMG Banshee

On the inside of the bag, in front of the main rifle compartment, is another large pocket with 13 rows of molle/hook and loop. This pocket easily held my Shadow Systems DR920 pistol, KSG Armory Declaration holster, and Wind River trauma kit from Mountain Man Medical, with plenty of room to add other gear.

The Summit also includes a variety of mesh pouches with zipper closure as well as some more traditional features like pen organizers and a microfiber-lined pouch for sunglasses. The mesh pouches are big enough to hold a shot timer and ear muffs with space to spare.

Mountain Man Medical Wind River and KSG Armory Declaration w/ Shadow Systems DR920

How I Will use the Summit Backpack-

The Summit is definitely bigger than the average backpack, which allows room for your rifle. However, it is not cumbersome or oversize as are some options I've seen. This is important to me because I want something that is manageable and doesn't draw too much attention. Speaking of not drawing attention here, there is no molle webbing and Velcro covering the Summit's exterior.

inside pocket elite survival systems rifle backpack

The exterior is a lightweight nylon, and the inside is a durable 500 denier nylon material. And even though it is black, it doesn't look like a tactical rifle bag.

While its size and unassuming appearance works well in an urban setting, you can use the Summit out in the woods as well. The Summit includes a removable belt which is great for hikes in and out of ranges that aren't accessible by vehicle. The belt has some nifty zippered pouches, which are helpful for carrying small items.

Included with the backpack is a removable carrier that holds 6 spare rifle magazines.

The bag is not heavy. By itself, it weighs about 4lbs 4oz.

I loaded my Summit with…

…and my pack weighed about 40lbs.

Even with 40lbs of stuff in it, I still had plenty of room for much more gear.

I am glad to see the Summit Backpack comes with a removable belt. Sometimes you may not want or need the belt. However, if you are carrying more weight, the belt helps distribute the weight and take some of the burden off the shoulders. The belt, lumbar pad and the s-shaped, padded shoulder straps with sternum strap, on the Summit should make carrying a decent amount of weight over a longer distance hike easier.

In Summary-

The summit's design and build quality are top-notch as well. I noticed no fraying, loose threads or stitches, or any other signs of wear upon delivery, and it's held up well during the month I've used it. Elite Survival Systems has a reputation for making durable packs, and while I haven't used the Summit for years, I don't see why it won't provide a long service life for what I need from it.

The Summit only comes in black, so you're limited in that respect, but that's not a deal breaker for me. Perhaps the biggest gripe I have with the Summit Backpack is its price. Right now it's MSRP is $280 dollars. I'm not saying the Summit isn't worth that price, it's just a bit much for someone like me who is on a budget. Fortunately, Elite Survival Systems makes a bunch of different backpacks at different price points and for different purposes, so you can probably find something that will suit your needs and budget.


  • lightweight
  • descreet
  • durable construction
  • large size
  • removable belt
  • modular attachment points


  • Cost
  • limited color selection

Elite Survival Systems sent me the Summit Backpack and asked for an honest review. I hope my honest explanation of my experience using the backpack helps you to find a bag that will work for you. If you're in the market for a discreet rifle backpack, I think the Elite Survival Systems Summit bag is an excellent option to consider.
photo of descreet rifle backpack

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  1. SLee on December 18, 2023 at 9:53 am

    Nice review. What is the interior dimension?
    Also is the zipper lockable? In my state, we need to have the bag lockable to carry weapon to range.
    Thank you.

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