The Anatomy of a Negligent Discharge

unintended discharge

The vast majority of gun owners are responsible and safety conscious. No gun owner wants to fire a round unintentionally. That’s the reason it’s called an unintentional discharge. However, when we lo at any instance of an unintended discharge, we’ll find avoidable errors. Such is the case with a story I saw posted on a…

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Why I Hate Off Body Carry

I’m sure I’ll be ruffling up some feathers on this one, but I’m going to take a stance and point out something that I think is really stupid. Before I move on, I just want to say that I know there is a time and place for off-body carry for certain people who need to…

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Two Gun Stories We Can Learn From

Sometimes we see news stories that highlight what not to do when you’re a gun owner or carrier of a concealed gun. It’s always a ight, or not depending on your outlo on life, when two stories fly across my desk on the same day. Please know that whenever I cover stories like this it’s…

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Woman’s Death Ruled Accident After Negligent Discharge

Pendleton, SC — A boyfriend and two of his friends were handling several of their guns when one gun “went off” striking a woman, killing her. Investigators found Betty Spado, 20, dead in the apartment building at around 8pm, Thursday after the reports of a shooting came in. According to the Anderson County coroner, Spado died…

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CCW Permit Student Shot By Firearms Instructor

handgun capacity

In other news, we have instances that remind us of the importance of choosing your gun trainers carefully, and why you should vet them to the highest level before ever stepping foot in a classroom. In other words, just because a guy or gal has the title “firearms trainer” behind their name, doesn’t necessarily mean…

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