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Woman Shoots Friend In Head On Facebook Live

I'm incapable of making this stuff up. A woman recently shot her friend in the head in the midst of a Facebook Live video, and then tampered with evidence as she tried to wipe residue off her hands, all while allegedly (according to one source) being recorded. Even more than that, someone apparently told the police that a male shot himself in the head, as can be seen here in a HPD Tweet:

Sadly, her “friend” is listed brain dead and on life support at the time of this writing. Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that the now-brain dead man can be heard in the video telling the woman she was making him nervous. Then, at 230 am, in a Houston, TX Valero gas station, he sat in the passenger seat of a parked car where he was then shot in the head by a woman who clearly does not know anything about firearms. Here is a partial, less-graphic video, of the scene:

We showed a partial video because the full one is very graphic, and we can't find one to embed. They are out there, though, so feel free to search for one.


As we all know, instances like this are exactly why Jeff Cooper's rules even exist to begin with. She told the authorities she didn't realize the gun was loaded when she played with it.

If she treated the weapon as if it were loaded, like we know we are supposed to do, this would never have happened.

If she didn't point her firearm at something she did not intend to shoot, I wouldn't be sitting here this morning typing this out for you.

Also, guns are not toys. I've been guilty, personally, of saying to my friends “I've picked up a new ‘toy' today,” or something similar. Perhaps wording like that is precisely why people are stupid. Maybe people grow up reading or hearing things like me saying that I bought a new toy when speaking about a gun, and actually come to the conclusion that guns are toys.

That's something I'm going to be making a conscious effort to change. I don't want anyone thinking guns are toys. They're not. They're tools.


While I'm grateful that she was caught on Facebook Live because of her stupidity, this is yet another reason to prove how people can be so absolutely stupid while on social media with what they do and say, and how the authorities can use it against you.

Anything can be used against you, at anytime, and for any reason. Clearly this woman was in the wrong for her actions, but if you don't think police will look into her social media profiles for more evidence to use against her, you are mistaken.

They will look for instances of her saying she wanted to kill someone, which, if the video leading up to the shooting has anything to say, she was. Or they would look for hate towards her friend to see if this was actually done on purpose. And, anything else they can try to use against her, they will undoubtedly look for.

Why? Because the powers that be hate guns.

So I leave you with these thoughts, never assume your firearm is safe. Always follow the safety rules, and finally, don't be stupid on social media because they will use it against you if they can.

4 Responses to Woman Shoots Friend In Head On Facebook Live

  1. Albert April 4, 2018 at 8:24 am #

    The ‘crime’ of stupidity…

  2. Buzz Smith April 5, 2018 at 8:46 pm #

    It’s high time people have to take training, pass a test to get a license and purchase liability insurance, in order to own a gun. (P.S. I’m a responsible gun owner)

  3. Jay Lacson April 23, 2018 at 8:35 pm #

    I spoke about this incident recently at one of my basic handgun classes. Incidents like this are 100% avoidable and all 3 parties inside this vehicle are equally at fault. Do I even have to go over the 2 basic safety rules that this lady failed to follow. For you new gun owners rule #1 is never point a firearm at anyone (even if it is unloaded) unless you plane on discharging the weapon and #2 never put your finger on the trigger until you have made the mental decisive to shoot something or someone. This Facebook live video is a great training tool for my new students and will be filed under the “Idiot of the day’ file.

  4. Mark Tennant October 13, 2019 at 3:59 pm #

    How much prison time will she serve ? 10 years or do ?

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