Felons and Gun Possession? A Question of Rights

felon in possession of firearm

We need to tackle tough topics sometimes, and the question of convicted felons possessing firearms is one such topic. Should Felons Possess Firearms: I think there are two different ways to lo at the topic. For lack of a better description, the first is a moral (I just feel) opinion. In other words, if no…

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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Begins – Follow Along with Andrew Branca

kyle rittenhouse

Two weeks ago, I encouraged all our readers to follow Attorney Branca’s analysis of Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense trial. I want to reiterate – this trial isn’t important to us 2A defenders. Understanding The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is critically important. We need to see the reality of Kyle’s situation to dispel the propaganda sure to end…

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3 Reasons Duty to Inform Law is Awful

duty to inform duty to notify

Today, 11 states and the District of Columbia have some form of duty to inform or duty to notify law, which requires a citizen stopped by law enforcement,  notify or inform the officer he or she is carrying a concealed firearm. In Fourteen other states, the citizen only has to notify the officer if the…

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