North Carolina Concealed Carry Permits Recognized by Nevada

As we often advise our readers, concealed carry license reciprocity often changes. It is always best practice to check and see if the state you’re traveling to or through honors your permit before heading out. Illustrating this point is a recent change to Nevada’s reciprocity list. Starting July 1st, 2022, Nevada again honors concealed carry…

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Testimony Ends in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial – Verdict Watch with Andrew Branca

testimony ends in trial

When the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse began, I encouraged all our readers to follow Attorney Branca’s legal analysis. I want to reiterate – the implications from this case aren’t important to us 2A defenders. The implications are vitally important! The explosive testimony in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is justifiably big news. Unfortunately, as expected, Kyle’s testimony,…

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Felons and Gun Possession? A Question of Rights

felon in possession of firearm

We need to tackle tough topics sometimes, and the question of convicted felons possessing firearms is one such topic. Should Felons Possess Firearms: I think there are two different ways to lo at the topic. For lack of a better description, the first is a moral (I just feel) opinion. In other words, if no…

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