Springfield Armory Hellcat Review

springfield hellcat

I chewed up a lot of brass doing gun reviews right before this COVID-19 thing hit. The gun I was working on as the collective crap hit the big reciprocating device in the sky was the Springfield Armory Hellcat. This is a fine gun. A good shooter. So far, I’ve got about 400 rounds through…

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Would You Prefer I Lie? – A Rant About Gun Reviews

I feel compelled to write this article after a recent gun review I did that received some to the contrary of my recommendation. I mean, how could I recommend a gun that wasn’t manufactured by one of the big 5 gun manufacturers? The big 5, if you’re curious, are as follows in no particular…

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SCCY CPX-3 Review: First Impressions

The .380 Auto cartridge isn’t the hardest hitting self-defense round out there, but it is popular among many concealed carriers. The typical 90 grain 380 bullet leaves the muzzle traveling about 1,000 FPS and is capable of transferring about 200 pounds of energy upon impact, depending on how long the bullet has traveled before it…

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Review

Something about the feel of an M&P is like saying hello to an old friend whenever I pick it up. Being a fan of their pistols, I got the Shield for myself so I could have the option to carry something smaller and concealable. Shortly after bringing the gun home and taking my wife…

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FN 509 Midsize Review: First Impressions

The gun industry and all of our audience usually fight between a few different firearm manufacturers. I won’t name any names this time around because this 509 Midsize review isn’t about them. You and I both know who they are, and that’s fine. I’m here to tell you that this gun, and this firearm manufacturer…

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Mossberg MC1sc Review: Initial Impressions

Mossberg MC1sc

Welcome to my Mossberg MC1sc review. What follows are my initial, first impressions of shooting 150 rounds through a gun they sent me. This review is far from over as I plan to shoot at least another 500 rounds of ammo through it. I’ll update this article, as necessary. I was sted when I heard…

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