Bloomberg’s “Wear Orange” Anti-Gun Campaign Flops

If you didn’t dress yourself up like a tangerine on June 4th, 5th and 6th, well, you’re forgiven. No one paid much attention to the call that people dress in orange to “demand a change” regarding “gun violence.” What is the WearOrange Campaign? Wear Orange Weekend is apparently one of the sacred holy days for…

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2020 California Gun Confiscations Up

gun confiscations and red flag law

Known for its beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, California boasts a plethora of gun control laws. For gun owners living in the state, however, things continue to dec. A report indicates that law enforcement executing red flag gun confiscation orders seized a record number of firearms in 2020. In January of 2016, California’s red flag law…

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Study-Tougher Gun Laws, Fewer Gun Deaths!

gun control laws are bad

News outlets like Healthday and WebMD reported results of a blockbuster study that unequivocally prove restrictive gun laws directly reduce suicides and homicides involving guns. However, wait. What did the study show exactly? Is this the slam dunk piece of research for which legislators have been waiting? The big question is: Do gun laws reduce…

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What The Election Results Mean For Gun Rights

The election was a mess. At no point in recent history do I remember a time with so much drama surrounding the election process along with violent threats, and so much confusion. There were (and are still) reports of fraud, covering up polling stations so workers couldn’t be seen counting polls, and a few surprises…

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How Many Guns, How Much Ammo is Too Much?

gun confiscation

You’ve no doubt seen the coverage of the California gun confiscation. The dude who lived there had over 1,000 guns and apparently piles and piles of ammunition. This has raised a lot of questions and concerns about how much guns and ammo should one person have so I decided I’d attempt to answer it. Before…

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Breath: The Most Underrated Shooting Fundamental

Stance. Grip. Sight alignment. Sight picture. Breath. Trigger press. Follow through. These are the seven fundamentals that every competent shooter applies, even if they don’t call them by those labels. There is plenty of information around about developing skills for six of the fundamentals. But where concealed carry is concerned, breath is often ignored. That’s…

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