Russian Ammo Ban: Biden Punishes Russia and US Gun Owners

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The Biden Administration is imposing new sanctions banning ammunition and firearms imported from Russia. It is hard to ignore the potential negative impact of this ammo ban. Here is the announcement from the U.S. State Department: Russia Ammunition Import Ban Pursuant to the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (the…

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Greatest Gun Grabber Gaffs, 10 Times They Got it Horribly Wrong

Fully-semi auto AR

I have compiled some videos and posts that you should definitely not watch or read! You may think this is for entertainment purposes. No way, Jose. I am doing this because experts like President Biden’s Press Secretary Paski have determined that “misinformation” is a real threat. Misinformation is an Existential Threat: Has “misinformation” made the…

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