Beloved German SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE – Now Made in USA

It's safe to say a guy like Max Michel could shoot any gun better than most of us. However, there is one gun he prefers to shoot competitively, and that is the SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE made in Germany. Now owning one of these finely tuned, single-action, semi-auto beauties may be a bit more affordable.

The moment German Chancellor Angela Merkel learned of SIG Sauer's plan to manufacture the P226 XFIVE in the United States.

Quick Backstory of P226 and P226 XFIVE —

SIG just announced that they are now manufacturing the P226 XFIVE in the United States. If you're not familiar with SIG's P226 line of semi-auto handguns, here is the quick backstory.

SIG developed the double action/single action semi-auto, handgun in the early 80s when the U.S. Military looked to transition from the service issued 1911. Beretta won that bid with their M9, but not because the P226 wasn't a reliable duty handgun. Many military operators selected the P226 over the M9 because of its shoot ability and performance. Police and others who carry a handgun professionally choose the P226.

Photo courtesy of SIG Sauer

SIG began producing an enhanced single action, P226 in Germany and called it the X5. The XFIVE's refinements include enhanced ergonomics, hand fitted barrels, a trigger upgrade and other fine tuning that made the X5 not only an accurate and fun gun to shoot, but great looking as well. There are some different options in XFIVE line, but in general, I've seen German made X5s sell for somewhere around four to five thousand bucks. If you're like me, the only chance we'll be shooting a P226 X5 is if one of our well-off friends has one.

Max Michel's Take on the SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE —

More About the P226 XFIVE —

As mentioned, the SIG P226 X5 is a single-action, semi-auto handgun. It's chambered in 9mm and comes with a 20-round capacity unless you live in a commie state that only lets you carry 10 rounds. The X5 has a heavy, stainless steel frame and slide, fiber-optic front sight and adjustable trigger. The XFIVE has an accessory rail, and comes pre cut for the Romeo Zero optic. SIG's website lists two variants of the new XFIVE which appear to be mainly cosmetic differences in the grip panel material.

SIG says they will manufacture the new X5 in the United States, as opposed to Germany. This supposedly should help bring the price down a bit and satisfy folks who like things made in the United States. SIG doesn't have an MSRP for the American made XFIVE on their website yet, and I haven't found one listed on any online gun stores.

Photo courtesy of SIG Sauer

P226 XFIVE Specifications —

P226 X5Data
Overall Length8.6"
Overall Width1.7"
Barrel Length5.0"
Sight Radius6.8"
Barrel MaterialCarbon Steel
Frame/Slide MaterialStainless Steel
Optic ReadyYes

You can learn more about new American made SIG Sauer P226 XFIVE handgun by clicking here.

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  1. Dave on November 2, 2022 at 11:31 am

    I have purchased the P226 X 5, and I have to say it is worth every penny from the first shot. The pistol feels as if was custom made for my hands and the weight is not an issue when shooting. The “gas pedal” along with under cut in the trigger guard do an excellent job of helping to control muzzle flip. The trigger is stupid nice! The best I have ever experienced, and I own 5 226’s and 2 229’s, including the 226 and 229 legion SAO. Until I got adjusted to the trigger I was double tapping without meaning to. Lololol. I’ve heard it argued that the pistol really doesn’t have a place where it fits in as far as competition, but definitely fits in IMHO as a bedside, GTW or even duty weapon with the right belt and holster. Absolutely love this weapon and this is one that will never be sold

    • Gerry Arose on December 10, 2022 at 10:03 am

      Dave, I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve had mine for 10 years or so. Never a problem and the adjustments are great. 2.1lb trigger, lol. Mine says 226S on slide but it is german of the last. I can’t understand why it’s a 226S… probably early made.. enjoy..price is going up. Mine was 2400.00.. good deal.

  2. Chuck Houser on December 20, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    I like both guns very much!
    I’m favoring the Classic with wooden grips, but l think both are equally accurate.
    Does anyone know if the other one with black grips is more accurate and wondering if they are California approved?
    Thank you!

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