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Idiotic Anti Gun Headline: Pro Gunners Can’t Explain How Guns Make Us Safer

*What follows are the opinions of one man, and not necessarily the opinions of the rest of the company.*

We live in an increasingly complex world. The “people in charge” are tremendously anti gun and we pro gunners apparently do a horrible job at explaining how guns make us safer, per an op ed I just read on LA Times. I'm not sure if they read the articles we write, are just illiterate, or are just ignoring us completely.

My guess is that they're not illiterate, but I could be wrong. I know I've said all I'm about to say at some point before.

Truth be told, guns do make us safer, but maybe not how they (the anti-gun crowd) may think.

They look out into the world and see people willing to hurt each other. The easiest tool to use in order to hurt someone (as well as save someone), oftentimes, is a firearm. So, firearms must automatically be the bad guy. It's never (or rarely) the person who is the bad guy. “We MUST ban guns or this sickness will never end,” they think.

Until we are willing, as a country, to tackle the underlying cause for the violence, the violence will not end. Ever. It can't. You know why? Because a tool is required to do a job. If they can't use a gun, they'll use something else. Let me prove it to you:

I work from home and have a desktop computer I like to use for most of my work. If it breaks, I use my phone. Is it ideal to write articles on something so small?

Not at all.

But, if it's all I've got I'm going to use it. In case you don't see where I'm going with this, let's make a few more examples.

Let's say I'm working on my car. If the hammer is the best way to get a specific job done, I'm going to use my hammer.

But, what if I can't find my hammer? Or, what if it's broken? My first thought is to look around to try and find another hammer. But, what if all I can find is the heavy cheater pipe I use to break the lug nuts loose on my car?

Hmm, this might work to replace my hammer. It won't work as well, but I need to pound that thing out of there somehow.

See where I'm going with this? It's human nature to make things work regardless of the tools available to us. Now let's say that my car is broken, which is undoubtedly the easiest method for me to get to work (if I worked outside the home). I now have to call an Uber or take a bus. Maybe I need to call a friend, or, worse yet, ride my bike.

The bottom line, is that I'll be making it to work that day one way or the other because I'm a hard working, determined individual with bills to pay. I'll find a way to accomplish my goal.

Knowing that it's human nature to make things work even in adversity, do you think that not having access to guns will prevent criminals from committing crime? I don't.

Once the guns are taken away from the law abiding folks, and many of us will no longer be law abiding, by the way, the people who were already criminals will still have their guns. They won't turn them in with the guys who don't want to break the law.

And, if they are unable to get guns anymore because you somehow made them all miraculously disappear (which is impossible), that's okay with them.

Why? Because they still have access to plan “B.” And, all you've effectively done is taken my ability to protect myself and family from harm, which, ultimately, brings me to the whole point about guns making us safer.

You ready? I'm about to blow your mind …

Guns make ME and MY family safer.

Maybe I'm selfish, but I'm gonna protect my family. I love them, dearly. My kids know gun safety better than any anti-gun adult does, and that matters to me.

It goes further than that, as we'll see in a moment, but my first and foremost goal is to protect myself and my family. Any criminal who decides that their need for my possessions outweighs my life will end up staring down the barrel of my gun, or worse.

Guns make my family and the millions of other gun-toting families safer, but they do more than that. They also keep people in check.

For example, anyone who has ever had plans to invade the United States of America hasn't because they know that we are the most armed country in the world and you'd have to be really stupid to invade here. The number of gun owners in just a few states are more than the biggest standing army in the world. That's a fact. (and many of us are veterans, chew on that for a moment)

A by product of us all owning guns is that we protect the country from invasion. You may think that sounds stupid, and I'm not surprised. Nor should you be surprised that I don't care if you think it's stupid … because it's true.

Along the same thought, is our ability to prevent tyranny. Many people don't think it'd ever happen here in America. A lot of Venezuelans never thought it'd happen to them, either. But it did, and thousands of their citizens have been killed in the street by the government.

Because we have the ability to rise up against tyranny, it keeps those tyrants at bay. And, no offense, but I don't believe you when you say that won't happen.

And, can you really blame us for thinking such things when you're so adamant about taking our most effective guns away from us? What reason could you possibly have to want to take away my guns that have never been used in crime instead of actually fixing the real problem? Are you starting to see why we're skeptical yet?

Once more, it may sound stupid but I don't really care what you think because it is true. And that is precisely why the founding fathers put the Second Amendment on paper. When you look at what they were dealing with, and the red coats trying to take away their guns and liberty, of course that's why they put it in there.

They lived it.

Finally, generally speaking, but not always the case, guns keep people more polite. The most armed areas in the country generally have the lowest crime rates. That cannot be a coincidence. Granted, anytime you have a big city with lots of idiots things can take a turn for the worse. But, outside of the cities, it's a different story entirely.

The different side of the coin proves that countries who have enacted strict gun control actually have a higher crime rate after said gun control was enacted. Remember my argument a moment ago about finding a tool to replace my hammer? Same thing applies here. If criminals who want to hurt people can't find a gun, they find something else.

I'd bet money on it.

The only difference, is that since the innocent people won't be able to carry a weapon to defend themselves, they're less safe.

In essence, guns make us safer. You trying to take away our guns actually makes us less safe on all accounts. Without my guns I cannot efficiently protect my family from a home invader or while walking around town.

Without our guns, we're open to invasion, tyranny, and good people being killed in the streets. Guns make us safer, and, guess what? You can't have them.

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3 Responses to Idiotic Anti Gun Headline: Pro Gunners Can’t Explain How Guns Make Us Safer

  1. Dennis Bader October 10, 2019 at 6:54 pm #

    well said..

  2. N. Buford October 10, 2019 at 8:24 pm #

    Joshua, you so eloquently speak my mind when you stand upon yon soapbox & bring us writings that would make our founding fathers proud! Thank You!

  3. Javier October 16, 2019 at 12:46 pm #

    Very well put! In Gods name, why can’t this anti gun groups see and understand this? Especially these politicians that we elected into office??

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