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How To Find Out If Your Favorite Online Retailer Uses The Anti-Gun Shopify

Before I say anything else, let me say that if you own a business that's hosted on Shopify's platform and just happen to be pro-gun, you should probably start working on something else. You should start looking for another host. I'm about to show the entire world who you use as a platform and if you don't want to be viewed by the gun industry as traitors, the time is now to start looking at another platform. As Pro 2A people, we need to stick together even when it hurts.

This is something I'm going to update on a semi-regular basis. And, I'm going to tell your customers how to check which platform you're on for themselves.

Some History:

Last week, Shopify announced that they'll no longer allow certain businesses to use their platform if they sell certain gun parts to law-abiding citizens. While many folks may not realize it because, on the surface, most people don't know what Shopfiy even is, this is a huge deal. And, this could turn into a huge problem unless, again, we vote with our wallet. As usual, we're going to need your help to get this word out there, so share it with everyone you know. What are we talking about here?

We are going to show you how to tell which pro-gun stores use Shopfiy to sell you goods, so you can reach out to them and let them know that you want them to switch to another platform. But, before we get there, let's go over just what Shopify is and why this is important for you, even if it doesn't seem like it should be.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a huge host for eCommerce stores. Some people may argue that they are the biggest platform for businesses to sell stuff. Basically what they do is allow folks to open up an online shop to sell goods and services. The platform is very easily managed, easy to learn, and allows even the most technologically-deficient person to open and operate a store in under a weekend.

They help power hundreds of thousands of stores on the web, and are absolutely huge in this space. These stats are taken off their site directly:

  • they power over 600,000 stores
  • owned by more than 1,000,000 people
  • and help them bring in $63 Billion in revenue

Why this is a problem and what we can do:

I can all but guarantee that you've bought a gadget or gizmo from an online store powered by Shopify at some point in your life, without knowing it. And, the problem is that Shopify just recently made it very clear that they're banning certain industry friends of ours, like Spikes Tactical, Franklin Armory, and a few others. They've made their choice, and once again it's time for us to make ours.

While it is Shopify's decision as a privately-owned company, it's also our decision as individual consumers where we spend our hard earned cash. What can we do as Freedom-loving Americans? Well, one thing I can do is tell you which pro-gun companies use Shopify who, for one reason or another, aren't getting the ban hammer dropped by the eCommerce giant.

These are holster companies, clothing companies, gun belt companies, coffee companies, and others that are pro-gun, but not currently on Shopify's naughty list.

They aren't on the naughty list because they haven't necessarily done anything wrong, yet, in the eyes of the eComm monster. I also want to stress that these pro-gun companies have done nothing wrong to us, and that all we need to do right now is let them know that we are watching for them to make the right moves. Remember this news just hit and nobody has had any time to react. But, we need to let them know that we can see which platform they use, and ask them to switch to a friendlier eCommerce platform.

And if they don't, we spend our money elsewhere. Our goal with this is to get them to change. Unfortunately, they've all likely spent thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars developing their website. So, switching to another platform is going to hurt these companies. But it's my personal belief that we need to take this action to show those like Shopify who, exactly, is the boss.

Here's a hint, it's not them. We are the consumer. And we decide where our hard earned dollars get spent.

Let me come out and say it in another way just because I want to make sure nobody bashes these companies who were recently blindsided by Shopify … My goal with this article isn't to oust legitimate, pro-gun companies as the enemy. It IS my goal for us to use the information I'm about to present, so you can reach out to those who use this platform, asking them to stop and use one of the other alternatives out there.

Finally, this is also a problem because, just like with the banking system hating on guns, this is just the beginning. Other platforms and services will likely follow suit to some degree. There is no way of knowing who that is right now, but mark my words, this is just the beginning. Some other companies are going to put their big britches on now that Shopify has stepped up to drop this hammer, and will drop their own.

Check everywhere you shop:

Now, this is going to get old, really quick, so hopefully we don't have to do this for very long. But, I can tell you how to check if your favorite online retailer is using Shopify as their eCommerce platform.

This is the same method I used to find out that these guys were using Shopify at the time of this writing:

  • Blade Tech Holsters
  • We the People Holsters
  • Black Rifle Coffee
  • Black Arch Holsters
  • Bravo Concealment
  • Kore Essentials (gun belts)
  • The Belt Man
  • Hanks Belts
  • Maxpedition
  • Anson Belt & Buckle
  • Hidden Hybrid Holster
  • Nexbelt
  • Grunt Style
  • Under Tech Under Cover
  • Gun Godess
  • Nine Line Apparel
  • Bare Arms Holsters
  • Modular Driven Technologies
  • Gun Skins

Recognize any of those? They're just a handful of the stores on the interwebs who use Shopify. Could I have found more? Absolutely. But, I have a life that I need to get back to. Now, it's not my hope that we're going to be picking on these companies. I feel like I can't stress that enough. Remember, this news just came out, and they were ALL blindsided by Shopify's decision.

But, we do need to reach out to them and ask them to switch platforms. If they won't leave Shopify, then we're going to have to take it up a notch and start spending our money elsewhere.

Want to check your favorite stores? Open up your favorite web browser, go to your chosen store, right click your mouse anywhere on their page, click on where it says “view source code” or something similar, and hit Ctrl+F.

Then, in the upper right-hand corner there should be a search bar where you can type in “shopify” and look for the highlighted clues. If you see a bunch of highlighted Shopify text like below, it's a dead giveaway that they're using the platform.

Once you've confirmed that they're using the anti-gun eComm platform, write them an email or call them and politely ask that they switch to a different platform. It will take time for them to do so. As someone who has built an online store before, I can attest to that fact.

Again, I can't reiterate enough that my goal here is not to ostracize those pro-gun companies who still use Shopify, but to inform them that we can find out who they use, and if they are using them, that they should switch to someone else like Woo Commerce or one of the others. Let us know if your favorite companies use Shopify, in the comments below.

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