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Gun Owner Stereotypes Debunked

As with all things in life, there are stereotypes filling the gun industry that need debunking. And, as stereotypes usually are, these ones are also very wrong. Let's take a look at some of the various stereotypes I see floating around the for gun owners.

Keep in mind, I see and meet a lot of people because I travel around the country to different shows and gun-related conferences, so I see first-hand that these are wrong.

# 1 All Gun Owners Are Men

One of the biggest stereotypes I see is that there are only men who participate in the gun world. Many folks wrongly assume that women either do not belong here, or that women have no interest in guns. Why? Well because guns are barbaric and women don't need to protect themselves from rape or abduction.

I know a lot of gun-owning women and those ladies can *usually* shoot circles around men. This tells me that those ladies are into their guns, however barbaric they may be. Here are some stats from the National Shooting Sports Foundation to help explain it all away.

#2 All Gun Owners Are White

Not all gun owners are light skinned. It is true that many of them are, but there are plenty of gun owners who are not.

I don't even have anything else to say about this, and for some to suggest that gun ownership is only for white people is asinine.

#3 All Gun Owners Are Backwoods Country Boys

This is probably my favorite one because it's so idiotic to think about. There are plenty of uneducated people who believe all gun owners are pickup truck driving, backwoods rednecks who married their third cousin.

That's just not true. I know people from the left coast to the right coast, and plenty of people from big cities. I know people from Philadelphia who are gun owners, and even have several friends out in Los Angeles who are gun owners.

I picked those two cities because they are known for being incredibly anti-gun. But there are plenty of other gun owners living in big cities who are pro gun, and don't drive a pickup truck with a gun rack.

And, this may sound strange to you, but I don't know anyone married to their cousin.

#4 Gun owners Are Racist

This one really makes my blood boil. Seems like the other side, our opponents, only have one argument these days. When we start to say things they cannot compete with because, ya know, facts, they end up calling us racist as a default, last ditch attempt to try and hurt us.

Why? Because we believe in freedom and the right to own guns for self-defense.

Are there racist folks on our side? Well, yeah. Of course. But here's the kicker, there are also racists on the other side.

When I'm clumped together with actual racists, or when people assume that I am because I own guns and think Joe Biden is a moron, it really pisses me off, especially when I come from a mixed-race family.

Most of us condemn actual racists. When things get watered down and they start to call all people on one side names that aren't true, all it does is hurt everyone.

#5 Gun Owners Have a Tendency Towards Violence

There is something somewhere that suggests we are all just sitting there waiting for someone to break into our house so we can make an example out of them.

That's simply not true. First, I have no desire to shoot anyone and would only do so as a last resort. Second, do you actually think I want to have to shoot someone in front my my little kids? I don't.

Will I if I have to? Absolutely. But I'm not looking for a fight just to say I used my gun for self-defense. That's asinine.

And, as someone who has fired guns without ear protection, I can say that I don't want my kids subjected to that, either. I have permanently damaged ears and I don't need that for them.

Finally, guess what? There are millions of us gun owners out there. If we WERE violent, don't you think you'd have found out about it by now? It's not violence we lean towards, but freedom and self-defense.


There are other stereotypes regarding gun owners, but these are the most popular ones I've come across. I have a hard time with these, because these sorts of things are used against us in the gun control debate.

I encourage you to open your eyes and take a look around to see the true nature of things, before relying on someone else's views or ideas.

Finally, I figured I'd debunk everyone of these stereotypes by using just one person … get this, my good friend Annette Evans hails from a larger city on the east coast, is a woman, has never killed anyone, and isn't a white man.

Dang, seems like I just debunked all of those myths with one lady. If you need proof, here is something she did for us on purse carry.

Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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