Anti-Public Safety Legislators in Colorado Push Closer To Disarming The Proletariat

I live in Colorado; I own guns and the latest round of proposed anti-freedom, anti-gun legislation has me concerned. Like all authoritarian communist regimes throughout history, anti-public safety legislators in Colorado are pushing to disarm the proletariat. My opinion is that the newly proposed laws are moving Colorado closer to realizing its dream of establishing a gun-free utopia.

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Proposed Colorado House Bill HB1230 —

The proposed bills aim to make it more difficult for Coloradans to exercise their Second Amendment right. Some provisions include:

  • increasing the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21
  • expanding the red flag laws
  • make it easier to sue firearms manufacturers for liability
  • implement a three-day waiting period for all gun purchases

HB1230 seeks to ban assault weapons, and it has a very broad definition of “assault weapon.” It's been about a decade since the creatures who run Colorado launched an assault on the Constitutional Rights of its citizens, so they're overdue for another attack.

Colorado's Anti-Gun History—

In case you missed the last episode, Colorado banned standard capacity magazines in 2013, and they did it right around the Fourth of July because “democracy.” Between 2013 and 2023, Colorado experienced a few mass shootings. The last round of bills designed to improve public safety did nothing to prevent the shooting at the King Soopers in Boulder, CO, or the shooting at the gay bar in Colorado Springs, but that won't discourage the people in the state house from passing another stack of feel good legislation designed to diminish gun rights for law abiding citizens.

Although Governor Jared Polis has voiced his doubts about the efficacy of an assault weapons ban, it seems likely that he will play along with whatever his party does. Given that the magazine ban in 2013 passed with little resistance, it is difficult to imagine these bills failing.

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Speaking of spectacular failure, these same policies have failed in other wonderful, crime-free cities throughout the US. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other nanny cities and states with strict gun laws are leading the way, and cities like Denver just need to catch up with the times.

The urban war zones presided over by ineffectual hobgoblins like Lori Lightfoot are a glimpse of the America some political demagogues want for law-abiding citizens.

Ultimately, this is about much more than state gun laws. It's about a much larger battle with far greater ramifications. It's no coincidence that the same people pushing to curtail or outright destroy your right to bear arms are also pushing soft on crime policies and screaming, “Defund the police!”

Throughout history, communist tyrants have relied on gun control to seize—and retain—power. Don't take my word for it. The 20th Century is full of “well-meaning” guys like Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Adolph Hitler, and Josef Stalin, who disarmed their populations just before subjugating and/or slaughtering them; or just letting them die of starvation through the selective distribution of mismanaged resources.

Today's “win” for the gun control front is one step closer toward an even more authoritarian future. Fortunately, they're losing more ground than they're gaining. More states are passing Constitutional Carry laws, and many more have court cases pending to overturn some of the unconstitutional laws, and reclaim lost ground.

It looks like a long fight ahead for Colorado.

What Can You Do?

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