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Ruger Announces New SR1911 In 10MM Auto

Ruger 10mm

Fans of the venerable 10mm, rejoice for another major gun manufacturer has stepped into this realm. The Ruger SR1911 in 10mm Auto is bound to be popular with the “bigger is always better” crowd, and many are hopeful that with a company like Ruger getting into the ten-mil market, it will help ammunition manufacturers come down in price on this powerhouse self-defense cartridge.

Ruger has stated in their Press Release that this new take on their SR1911 is geared towards both hunters and those who want more power in their self-defense piece. It gives 8+1 rounds of 10mm Auto, a five inch bull barrel, and an all-steel construction.

That all stainless steel construction, by the way, helps this 1911 from Ruger tip the scales at 40.4 ounces, which is just over an ounce heavier than their .45 ACP version. And, for further comparison, a Glock 20 with slightly smaller dimensions weighs at about 10 ounces less. And, of course, all weights taken are with empty pistols.

Ruger's new pistol is set to ship with 2 magazines and a cable lock with an MSRP of $1019.00. While that's no small amount of money for the average Joe, it is likely able to be found cheaper than that in your local gun store. This classic, Series 70 design in 10mm is sure to turn heads at the range, and will hopefully help revive this cartridge even further, like Colt's Delta Elite did, back in the day.

I, personally, can't wait to get my hands on one. And, when backed by a company with a fantastic customer service program put in place who sells well-built guns like Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., does … well, it's bound to be a home run.

What do you think? Overrated? Overpriced? No need for another 1911? Or, are you of the belief that if it isn't a .45 Auto Colt it isn't a 1911? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Oh, and if you currently own a 1911, you should check out our multi-purpose armory tool for $9.99.

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2 Responses to Ruger Announces New SR1911 In 10MM Auto

  1. Nomoor January 1, 2018 at 12:21 am #

    The “Bigger Is Always Better Crowd” is generally composed of people smart enough to know that 10mm is .401″ just like .40 S&W and that 10mm test data that at most results in a 20% velocity and energy advantage with the exact same bullets over .40 S&W comes from 5″ barrels while .40 data comes from 4″ barrels. Is an inch a lot? Not on rifle. On a pistol barrel an inch is 25% of 4 inches so the 10mm data comes from a barrel 25% longer. Suddenly that big “advantage” in velocity and energy is a big crock of b.s. Especially when you’re using more powder to get it because the extra unused case volume a 10mm cartridge has compard to a shorter .40 case with identical bullets loaded to the same depth is empty space that has to be pressurized before the bullet goes anywhere. Smokeless powder burn rates are pressure-dependent and the higher the pressure the faster the rate. .40 S&W will reach any given pressure level more quickly with an identical charge of the same powder because it has less wasted space to pressurize. It will also hit max pressure more quickly because its burn rate will accelerate more rapidly and that acceleration will begin sooner. Without burning more of a faster powder 10mm can’t keep up. Give me a 10mm and .40 S&W single-shot Thompson Center Contender or GII with a sealed breach to conduct an legitimate test and make the barrels the exact same length from the “bottom” of the chamber to the muzzle crown with identical throats and rifling and bores across the lands and across the grooves and I’ll either beat the 10mm with the .40 or make it so close only a fool would pay the stupid “premium” that you pay just to have a MAGNUM PISTOL CARTRIDGE. 10mm? .44 Magnum Power? Yeah. Right. If you consider the very top end of .10mm power sort of overlapping .44 Mag at its bottom end where .44-40 or .44 Special “+P” could match it 10mm “achieving” .44 Mag power, then yeah. It sure does. It’s hilarious how once 10mm fanboys and shills got hit with that reality check suddenly it was .357 and .41 Mag than 10mm REALLY “equals”. Except…no it doesn’t. FIrst of all, .357 Mag is literally a 9mm bullet. BIG ACHIEVEMENT EQUALING/BEATING A “9mm MAGNUM” with that 10mm Magnum and with a pistol vs. a “leaky” revolver no less! The .41 Mag b.s. lasted just about long enough for a few people who know that “.44 Magnum” and all “.44-caliber” cartridges/bullets aren’t REALLY “.44-caliber”. Or even .43-caliber. Nope. They’re .429-caliber. Whereas .41 Magnum is actually a .41-caliber cartridge. Making it about .011″ larger than .401-caliber 10mm and so-called .44 Magnum” .028 larger. It doesn’t take much more than that reality check to see what 10mm is about .017 closer to “equalling” .41 Magnum than it is to equaling .44 Magnum. Which may as well be a mile for the hapless 10mm wannabe better than SOMETHING BESIDES .40 S&W and only by the difference in barrel lengths used for testing! and its legions of fanboys. If they only know they DO have something they probably beat .44-Magnum at and that is blind, clueless devotion to and support for a pretty much myth of a “Magnum” cartridge and the unshakable belief that somehow even as there are more and more much more powerful and larger revolver cartridges than .44 Magnum and pistol cartridges larger and more powerful than 10mm come along, somehow they both not only “hold their own” but they’re GETTING MORE AND MORE POWERFUL! Of course .44 Magnum is getting more powerful because ever since 10mm started having .44 Magnum power and IT became more and more powerful, it sort of drug .44 Magnum along with it. And the CRITTER KILLING STORIES THE 10mm crowd suddenly has and the capabilities 10mm pistols have. Getting attacked by a grizzly in a real-life version of The Revenant? Well you’re sure as hell going to want as many rounds as possible to give you “better odds of scoring a hit”. Yep. Who knew “scoring hits” was all about “probability” and that as long as you have at least one more cartridge it doesn’t matter how many times you miss or hit with out “ending the threat”. Personally, as a 35+ year shooter, longtime hunter of deer and shooter of varmints and who has always liked to do things WELL when I enjoy them as much as I’ve always enjoyed shooting where as far as I know, the object is to hit things and sooner rather than later. Preferably immediately and continually thereafter. I’ve never felt anything but disappointment after shooting and missing. Why? Because I shot at something I wanted to hit. I’m not depressed and despondent and I’m sure as hell not going to quit and fail entirely. But I’m also not unaffected even if its “Unimportant” than I hit the target since it’s not necessary to life and limb. At least not mine. If the “target” is an animal of some kind, then whether or not that animal is a threat to me is irrelevant and animals are never “targets”. I shoot them to kill them and as quickly, humanely and “painlessly” as possible for BOTH of us. I know lots of guys that love to hunt and shoot game animals and varmints way more than I do and are way better at it and get much more joy from the “kill” than I ever have because I’ve never thought about it as a “kill” but a “hit” and “bullseye” or “makeup shot” if I missed or didn’t get a first-shot kill. Of course growing up on and around feedlots and farms and ranches and having pets and livestock of my own and learning about life and death very early and graphically a number of different ways, my love and respect for animals and need to make “kills” humanely and cleanly has always in part been the result of my very early awareness and recognition of my own “mortality”. Not necessarily fear of what might happen in an “afterlife” if “Though shalt not kill” including varmints, deer, etc. shot for “sport” or even eating meat. But because I didn’t want any animal I was putting to death or attempting to to have any kind of death but what I’d “want” for myself. Suffering sucks. Period. No matter what happens after death, in my opinion the more sudden and quick it is the better. And I don’t know any other hunter or varmint shooter who doesn’t feel similarly and who takes killing lightly or gets any kind of “rush” JUST FROM KILLING and immediately after its no big deal.

    That’s why when I see those 10mm “hunters” and “hikers” running their 10-meter mouths online about how “superior” a “high-capacity” 10mm pistol is or would be in this situation or that situation compared to X revolver (oddly enough they’re never replacing .44 Magnums with their 10mm but DO think they’ve got an advantage over .454 Casulls, .460 S&Ws, etc because they’re “only” 5-shot or 6-shot revolvers.

    They’re worried about “reloading” but a not a damn bit concerned about needing to reload a revolver OR keep shooting a semi-auto after missing 5 or 6 times. Apparently they’re “slowing him down”. With 10mm “firepower” so amazing even near-misses create some sort of “wounding” effect. Ah to live in 10mm FantasyLand where bears attack and suddenly but not so suddenly or rapidly you’d probably be better off with more practice before the hike than more semi-auto mag capacity during the attack or anything.

    I honestly think they’re so completely clueless about the woods and wildlife and the real reason real gun guys shoot guns regardless of where or when or with what they just don’t get you not only don’t point loaded guns at things you don’t wish to destroy you also don’t shoot at animals you’re not full prepared to, capable of and expecting to hit and kill UNTIL you KNOW you are going to do so. KNOWING doesn’t mean it always happens but anybody who thinks shooting another living thing is a “if I don’t get it killed this time I’ll get another chance as long as I can keep shooting until I hit it enough times to kill it” situation you can possibly be successful in if you’re depending on anything but your own, skill, ability, judgement and decision-making in what is FIRST a “fight or flight” situation you almost certainly have “lower odds” of surviving choosing “fight” over “flight” at the instant you first spot an “attacking” grizzly bear.

    Seriously, I know 99% of the 10mm bear gun b.s. is typical fanboy b.s. and most of the “shooters” talking about it don’t even own guns period and probably live in countries where they never will and like to live vicariously through internet gun forums and blogs and comment sections and such and others are just “bots” or “shills” putting up pro-10mm propaganda to fuel that “resurrection” everybody seems to think will happen if only they hype it hard enough. But a few have to be legit 10mm fanboys who really would and probably WILL at some point go into “bear country” with their trust 10mm instead of some “weak” and “slow” revolver and all because at some point “bear guns” was brought up in the context of HUNTING GRIZZLY BEARS, city-boy 10mm fanboys unaware that HUNTING GRIZZLY BEARS AND OTHER LARGE DANGEROUS GAME IS SOMETHING A LOT OF HANDGUN HUNTERS DO FOR “THRILLS” AND PAY A LOT OF MONEY AND TAKE A LOT OF RISKS TO DO while SHOOTING ATTACKING BEARS is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SITUATION and even though you may be “attacked” by a grizzly bear that doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO START SHOOTING EVEN IF ITS LEGAL TO HAVE A LOADED HANDGUN ON YOUR PERSON ON WHATEVER PUBLIC LANDS YOUR HIKING ON.

    I really think its borderline “insanity” how obsessed with “protecting” and “supporting” their “2nd Amendment Rights” some supposed “shooters” are and how much time they spend talking about “gun laws” and “self-defense” and blah blah blah and how they are COMPLETELY UNAWARE OF THINGS LIKE HUNTING AND STATE LAWS AND DIFFERENT LAWS AND DIFFERENT REGULATIONS FOR DIFFERENT PARTS OF SINGLE STATES AND DIFFERENT SEASONS AT DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE YEAR AND HOW “GAME ANIMALS” IN ONE STATE AREN’T NECESSARILY “GAME ANIMALS” IN ANOTHER BUT THAT DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY MAKE IT “LEGAL” OR “ILLEGAL” TO SHOOT THEM AT WILL.

    And so often those are the same “experts” on shooting PEOPLE and the laws and legalities and “rights” people have to do so and blah blah blah. And never, ever does a single “member” of whatever “community” say anything about the fact that instead of guessing or claiming this or that or passing on hearsay or bullshit or whatever pops into their heads and asking complete strangers for advice on this that or whatever gun-related or not, they’re all ON THE INTERNET AND IN ONE HALF THE TIME IT TAKES TO POST A “QUESTION POST” ON A FORUM OR “COMMENT SECTION” THEY COULD GOOGLE THEIR QUESTION AND FIND AT LEAST “PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED” AND “GOOGLE-RECOMMENDED” LINKS OR WEBSITES THAT ARE AT LEAST “RESPONSIVE” TO THEIR QUESTION WHERE AS THE “ONLINE COMMUNITY” MIGHT IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY.

    I just gotta think that having so many “men” who for lack of a better term act like such complete “momma’s boys” online where they’re apparently unable to DO ANYTHING FOR THEMSELVES except expect and ask for “help” from “male strangers” has a lot to do with how many real MOMMA’S BOYS there are these days after decades of increasing “single motherhood” and climbing “divorce rates” and “custody battles” and “visitation” etc etc etc so BOYS ARE BEING RAISED TO BE “MEN” BY WOMEN WHO HAD SERIOUS ISSUES WITH AT LEAST ONE MAN THEY CHOSE TO BE INTIMATE WITH AND MEN WHO LET THEIR “WOMEN” TAKE THEIR CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEM, ETC AND IN THE PROCESS LET THEIR SONS BE “RAISED” BY WOMEN WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE MEN CLOSEST TO THEM IF THEY JUST USE, MANIPULATE, CONTROL, EXPLOIT THEM or let THOSE MEN DO THE SAME TO THEM.

    I don’t know a single man who would ever think of asking a complete stranger what SQUIRT GUN to buy much less what HANDGUN TO BUY but comments and questions like that are everywhere. Just like “men” who haven’t so much as shot a sparrow with a BB gun in their life and haven’t seen ANY kind of bear that wasn’t safely in a cage or pen or on TV or a movie screen and couldn’t hit a “black bear target” 5 times in 10 seconds with any handgun if it were more than 5 yards away are talking about and giving advice about how to and what to use to “stop a grizzly bear” when someone is “in the woods”.

    Its also interesting how many are “atheists” or “agnostics” and yet must have one hell of a lot of faith in something bigger and more powerful than they are besides grizzly bears if they expect to not only “survive” a bear attack but “win” one. Oh wait. That “bigger” and “more powerful” thing than them is that 15-round magazine of 10mm in their Glock. Gaston “God” Glock will take care of them.

    • Ethan A. January 27, 2018 at 8:00 am #

      We gots a live one here. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

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