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Pittsburgh Shooting

We mourn again for lives lost in the face of hate. Over the weekend, 11 lives were taken from us by a psychopath with the purpose to kill. The shooter, who will remain unnamed because he's a dirt bag, said he just wanted to kill Jews.

Our hearts go out to the victims killed, those hurt, and the family members affected by the tragic loss of life.

Tree of Life Synagogue was attacked on Saturday by a hate-filled anti-Semitic nut-job who believed the Jews were killing his people. Unarmed, the people had no chance at fighting back.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the whole thing seems to have been premeditated and even announced on a social media network called GAB. I've never heard of that social network before, but according to other news sources it's a hot spot for white supremacist nut-jobs intent on killing Jews. Though it is not certain at this time if he said he was targeting that particular synagogue for a reason, or even if that part was premeditated.

The social site has reportedly been shut down, at least for the time being. Though the site's owners have said they'll be back online at some point soon, once they switch servers.

As of right now we're being told that the firearms the psycho used were an AR-15 patterned rifle and a few Glock pistols. We know that he bought the pistols legally, but aren't sure about the AR-15 or if there were any modifications made to it at this time.

After the carnage inside the place of worship was over, the shooter was also involved in a shootout with police, where several police officers were hit and he was injured as well. He is recovering from his injuries and will undergo trial where the death penalty is currently being sought after.

The Jewish people are one of the most hated groups in history and if there is one thing I know for certain, it's that they'll push forward. They always do. (Let it be known that I'm of Jewish descent on my mother's side so no words of mine can be misconstrued)

Again our hearts go out to the victims and the entire community.

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  1. Darkwing October 30, 2018 at 6:49 am #

    When I see the crime scene photos, the Haz Mat report and the bodies, I will believe it happened. REMEMBER: Sandy hook and Parkland

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