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New Instructor Added To Already Stout Lineup At Guardian Conference

As if the lineup of instructors already teaching at our Guardian Conference wasn't good enough, we just added another top tier instructor to the list. This one is enough to make me want to go just so I can sit in on one of his classes.

Who is it? Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts. Jeff is a Navy Seal and renowned firearms instructor across the country with a tremendous amount of experience. Anyone I've spoken to who has taken a class from him has always said it was one of the best, no-nonsense courses they ever took.

Jeff, along with other instructors already in the pipe are sure to make the Guardian Conference one of the best gun events you've ever been to.

About the conference:

If you haven't heard about the conference yet, basically it's a three day shooting event filled to the brim with teaching from some of the best instructors around. Each person will get at least 24 hours of instruction, with some class time as well as plenty of live-fire range time.

Please note that this will not be individual training as each class will have other students in it.

Our 1st Annual Guardian Conference will be taking place at the Oklahoma City Gun Club from September 17th – 19th and is a rain or shine event.

While this event is open to everyone, it is even more beneficial for those people who are members of our Guardian Nation program. Members receive extra benefits like access to VIP events and special member pricing.

A word on pricing:

Speaking of pricing, while I can't give you any specific details, I can say that the super early bird pricing is going away at some point very soon. And as we pass various thresholds, each price step will go away until all you're left with is the normal, regular, full price.

As of right now, super early bird pricing is set to $450 for GN members. It will be going up soon so if you know you are going to this event I urge you to buy your ticket before the price goes up.

Learn more and sign up here.

Included with the price is the 3 days (24+ hours) of world-class firearm instruction, breakfast and lunch each day of the event, on-site snacks and water, an attendee t-shirt, and more.

What is the needed gear?

We go more in depth on this page, but you'll need to bring at least 800 rounds of ammo, proper range clothing, a good gun or two that you can use and reload quickly, a minimum of three mags for double stack guns (five mags for single stackers), and a good, safe holster.

I wanted to make like the press secretary and circle back to the ammo for just a moment. For those of you who are flying, you obviously cannot check 800 or more rounds of ammunition on the plane.

To help aid with this, anyone who ships their ammo directly to our warehouse by following the directions on the above-linked page, will have their ammunition brought out by us since at least some of our teammates are driving for this reason.

Also, do yourself a favor and get a magazine loader to help aid your fingers.


The Guardian Conference is set to be one of the best gun events you've ever gone to. With the addition of each instructor, the event gets better and better. We hope to see you there.

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