The Definitive Guide to the Greatest Firearms Trainers of All-Time: Unlock Your Potential!

shooting from cover and concealment

I’ve been blessed to work in this industry for several years now. As’s Social Media Guru and all-around Marketing guy I’ve been able to be immersed in the firearms training industry. My position provided me with the privilege of rubbing shoulders with exceptional instructors. Many of which have shaped the landscape of self-defense education. …

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Different Instructors-Different Fundamentals? Which 1 is Right?

guardian conference

When you take instruction from different firearms trainers, you’re likely to hear different philosophies on how to do something. So how do you know what to do when both instructors are well respected? Different Instructors, Different Fundamentals: I had the opportunity to speak with many attendees of our 3-day firearm training event called the 2021…

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Save The Date For the First-Annual Guardian Conference

I’m happy to formally announce that we’ll be putting on our first-ever annual conference that we’re specifically designing to take your skills as a defender to the next level. It’s called the Guardian Conference and is taking place later this year in September from the 17th to the 19th. The event will be held at…

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