Concealed Carry Excited to Acquire BarrelBlok – Press Release

Concealed Carry INC. (also known as ConcealedCarry.Com) made an exciting purchase this Christmas.


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CCI Acquires Blok Safety Sysytems, LLC —

In December, we acquired the brand BarrelBlok from Blok Safety Systems, LLC. We are so excited about this acquisition because we are users and believers in the product.

What is BarrelBlok —

BarrelBlok was initially designed, engineered, and patented to make dry fire training safer and more realistic. As a result, BarrelBlok immediately filled a much-needed role in safe and effective law enforcement and civilian firearms training. Within a short period, BarrelBlok became the most popular firearms safety and training product on the market, both nationally and internationally.

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The BarrelBlok product line consists of:

  • BarrelBlok, used in semi-automatic pistols
  • RifleBlok, currently available for 5.56 NATO
  • MagBlok magazine inserts to prevent slide and bolt lock when training

Each BarrelBlok or RifleBlok comes with three MagBlok inserts in the appropriate caliber.

Comments on the acquisition —

Our president, Jacob Paulsen, says:

We are proud of the dedication that the Blok Safety team has had for protecting gun owners from negligent discharges while also providing a cost-effective and safe platform for frequent dry fire practice. We are committed to continuing that work while expanding the product line to new calibers and reaching new customers.

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I had the opportunity to meet the Co-Founder of Blok Safety Systems, LLC. Jason Speller, and talk to him about BarrelBlok. After only a few minutes of talking, I quickly realized the purposefulness of each design element and the attention to detail that makes the products superior in many ways to anything currently available.

In speaking of selling his baby, Jason Speller said:

We are excited to see the BarrelBlok brand expand and grow as part of Their ability to get BarrelBlok into the hands of more gun owners nationwide will increase the safety and effectiveness of firearms training for everyone!

Additional Information —

To learn more about BarrelBlok and the rest of the product line, visit

Additionally, Concealed Carry Inc. is actively seeking distributors and dealers for the BarrelBlok brand in the USA. Contact us with any inquiries.


About Concealed Carry Inc: Concealed Carry Inc owns a number of brands all designed with a singular mission; supporting American gun owners in their own defense and the defense of their loved ones from violent threats. 

About Blok Safety Systems LLC: Blok Safety Systems LLC designs and engineers firearms safety products that enhance and support safe and effective dry-fire firearms training.

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