Concealed Carry Excited to Acquire BarrelBlok – Press Release

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Concealed Carry INC. (also known as ConcealedCarry.Com) made an exciting purchase this Christmas.   CCI Acquires Bl Safety Sysytems, LLC — In December, we acquired the brand BarrelBl from Bl Safety Systems, LLC. We are so excited about this acquisition because we are users and believers in the product. What is BarrelBl — BarrelBl was…

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New From Glock: Glock 45 and Two Gen 5 MOS Pistols

We received word from Glock, Inc today that they have announced a few new mos to their up. In two separate press releases, we’ve seen 3 new pistols. The first new offering is what they’re calling, “The Ultimate Service Pistol,” in their G45. The Glock 45 is their latest iteration of a crossover pistol ……

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